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エイミ is the surname Amy in Japanese.

Note: because this location is totally Japanese Katakana, it have to be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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TitleCharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various creates of Romanized Chinese
Amy艾米ài mǐ / ai4 mi3 / ai mi / aimi
Amy艾美ài měi / ai4 mei3 / ai mei / aimei
In some entries over you will watch that characters have various versions over and below a line.In these cases, the characters above the line are timeless Chinese, while the ones listed below are simplified Chinese.

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If shown, second row is Simp. Chinese

PronunciationRomanizationSimple dictionary Definition


see styles
eimii / emiエイミー


1 Corinthians 13:4-81000 an excellent Moves damaged by 1 Bad3 TreasuresA moment of Time is as priceless as GoldAbbiAcceptanceAdamAdrianAdriannaAdventureAdventurerAgataAicaAidaAidenAikaAikidoAireenAishaAishuAjayAkashAkramAkumaAlanAlanaAlexaAlexanderAlexisAlfieAliciaAliyahAllahAlmaAlmightyAltruismAlways and ForeverAlways FaithfulAmanAmandaAmarAmazing GraceAmbitionAmidaAmirAmitAmnaAmorAnandAnarchyAndreaAndyAngelAnilAnkitAnkitaAnnabelleAnnalynAntonAnuragAnyaAquariusAquilinoAquinoArchangelAreebAriaAriesArjunArloArmaanArmanArt the WarArthurArunArvinAryanAshleyAshwiniAsuraAtulAuroraAustinAyanAyanaAzuraBaileyBalanceBalanced LifeBarryBaseballBe Water mine FriendBeautiful MindBeautiful SpiritBenevolenceBensonBernadetteBertBethBhavyaBiancaBlack RavenBlacksmithBlessed by GodBlessed by HeavenBlessingBlessingsBlueBlue DragonBodhiBodhisattvaBogdanBrandonBrave the WavesBreatheBrielleBright FutureBritneyBrittneyBrodieBrodyBroken SoulBrotherhoodBrotherly LoveBrownBruce LeeBryanBuddhaBuddha HeartBullBushiBushidoBushido CodeCainCaitlynCalebCallieCalmCalvinCamilleCandelaCarloCarmenCarpe DiemCarpe Diem grab the DayCassCastroCesarChandraChaosChelseaChen SurnameCherryCherry BlossomCherry flower ProverbChi EnergyChloeChoiChristChristianityChuan FaClaraClarityClear Blue SkyClintCloudCocoCodyColleenCollinCompasionCompassionConnorConorCooperationCorazonCoriCosmosCourageousCrazy LoveCreativityCreedCrisisCrouching Tiger concealed DragonCruzCyrusDaisyDamianDanaDaniaDanicaDanielDaodejing Tao car Ching - chapter 9Dark AngelDaughterDauntlessDeathDeath before DishonorDedicationDemon

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Professional calligraphers are gaining to be tough to find these days.Instead the drawing characters by hand, the new generation in China merely type roman letters into their computer keyboards and pick the character the they want from a list that pops up.There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may end up being a shed art in the comes years. Numerous art institutes in China room now promoting calligraphy programs in really hopes of maintaining this distinct formof arts alive.


Even with the teachings the a top-ranked calligrapher in China, mine calligraphy will never be great enough to sell. I will certainly leave the to the experts.


The exact same calligrapher who gave me those great alsoattracted a group of thousands and also a TV crew as he created characters over6-feet high. He wake up to be ranked as among the height 100 calligraphersin all of China. The is likewise one the very couple of that would actually attemptsuch a feat.

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