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With the new Nintendo 3DS, you have the right to watch movie in 3D. We will describe how you can view her 3D movies in the Internet web browser of the new Nintendo 3DS and new Nintendo 3DS XL.

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You can"t copy her 3D movies straight on the brand-new Nintendo 3DS, but thanks to the media-Server software application Plex via the Internet web browser of her handheld watch.
First download the Plex Media Server down. Start the Installation and follow the instructions.After Installation, start the Plex Media Server. Then open up the following resolve "" in any web internet browser on your PC. It must open the Plex Interface.On the left friend will watch a Plus icon with the brand-new libraries deserve to add. Choose the file types come the appropriate and enter the folder course where your 3D movies.Plex matches your movies now with different databases, and add helpful Meta-information, and Cover images and also posters. Once the search has actually been completed, you should inspect whether friend can accessibility the movies on your pc via Plex.

After friend have set up the Plex Media Server successfully on your PC, you require to accessibility with your new 3DS top top the Server.

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Open the Internet internet browser on her Nintendo 3DS and also enter in the attend to line the the resolve "".You will currently see the Plex Interface. Perform not allow them irritate the it is shown incorrectly. The interface is no optimized because that the web web browser of the brand-new Nintendo 3DS.Select your preferred movie and start play it. It is crucial that you set the Bitrate ~ above the settings symbol at the optimal of the display screen to 480p.You now have actually a bit of patience, till your movie starts. On the 3D symbol on the touch screen, you deserve to make the appropriate 3D settings.


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Rolf, Wed 24, 2021

Is this correct/working ? very first of all i had actually to enter local IP resolve of my PC rather of top top the 3DS and now on the 3DS it loads the web page with a Plex logo and black square however nothing else. No inlogscreen on the 3D for instance which i DO acquire when i enter the web page with mine iphone. Must it occupational on the 3DS without actually logging in ~ above the 3DS ? because what i"ve watched so far you should login however no login display screen pops up on the 3DS