But the meaning is in fact slightly different. Let’s look at at every one in much more detail.

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finally – usage 1

“finally” presents the last element of a series or list.

Examples:Mark: What carry out we require from the supermarket?Jane: We need eggs, milk, sugar and finally, a frying pan.


First, we should rent an office. Then we have to buy part desks. Finally we have to recruit a secretary.

finally – usage 2

We use “finally” come express the one has actually been wait a lengthy time because that something.

Position in a sentence

“finally” goes in the center position of a sentence.

If the sentence has actually a main verb, climate we placed “finally” before the main verb.Example: The bus lastly arrived in ~ midnight.

If the sentence has an assistant or modal verb, then we placed “finally” ~ the auxiliary / modal verb and before the key verb.Example: Andrew has ultimately bought a new car.


If the sentence has the verb “be” as a main verb (a linking verb), climate we placed “finally” after the verb “be”.Example:The baby is lastly asleep.

at last

“at last” also expresses that one has actually been waiting a long time for something. “at last” strongly expresses impatience or inconvenience at the long wait.

Position in a sentence

We have the right to put “at last” at the beginning, middle or finish position.


Beginning position: At last Mark has actually passed his degree.Middle position: Mark contends last pass his degree.End position: Mark has actually passed his level at last.


“lastly” explains something that comes at the finish of a series or list. (This is the exact same as use 1 of “finally” as defined above.)

Examples:To begin with, ns drank a cup the coffee. Then i sat down. Lastly, I check out the newspaper.


Firstly, the house is as well expensive; secondly, it’s in bad condition; thirdly, the place is awful; and lastly, us don’t need a new house.

in the end

“in the end” explains a conclusion after a lengthy process, a lot of troubles or after ~ a the majority of discussion and analysis.

Examples:The manager interviewed she 3 times, and also in the finish he offered her the job.

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We couldn’t decide between Paris, Rome or Madrid for our holidays. In the end, we made decision Paris.

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He isn’t a great driver however he passed his driving test in the end.

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