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If you click on your Bag, there must be a ar where you can view the TMs and also HMs the you have obtained. If friend teach a HM to among your Pokemon, they can use them outside of battle. However, many HMs need a certain variety of Gym Badges prior to they have the right to be used external of battle. After girlfriend teach lock a HM Move, click something external of battle (A tiny tree for HM Cut, a boulder because that HM Strength, etc). The Pokemon will certainly then perform the Move.You need HM01 (Cut) to cut tiny trees. HM01 (Cut deserve to be obtained in Rustboro City.Hope this helps!

I acquired the HM reduced in rustboard city, but then when I searched for it in the house on route 110, it was gone. Execute you understand what happened? I have actually the gym badge.

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Check the end this monster of a guide to acquire you with every inch of Pokemon Emerald. The totality game is covered including, the elite 4, Champion Battl..

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