1 : expressing opinions and feelings in an honest and sincere way He was quite candid around his past. A candid confession See much more Examplesa refreshingly/remarkably candid interview She provided us she candid opinion on the matter.Hide

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2 photography : showing human being acting in a natural means because they carry out not understand that they space being photographed a candid picture
3 : relating come or being photography of subjects acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed candid photos the the family at beat

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frank, candid, open, plain typical showing willingness to tell what one feel or thinks. Candid stresses absence of shyness or secretiveness or of evasiveness indigenous considerations that tact or expedience. frank discussions candid argues expression significant by sincerity and honesty particularly in providing unwelcome criticism or opinion. a candid appraisal open means frankness yet suggests an ext indiscretion than frank and less earnestness 보다 candid. open in speak what they think plain suggests outspokenness and also freedom from affectation or subtlety in expression. plain talk

The many Shades that Candid

It is amazing that candid, which has the original an interpretation in English that “white,” should have so countless colors that meaning. The word comes from the French candide, which is native the Latin candidus (“bright, white”). Candid is not regularly used to typical “white” these days, and also has shed an additional of its older meanings, “clear, pure.” plenty of of its present meanings are pertained to with creates of honesty and also forthrightness. It may refer to the indication or ide of sincere honesty (“her open minded eyes”), or come something being marked by ethical expression (“a candid talk”). However, it likewise carries the meaning of bluntness (or “disposed to slam severely”), and “free indigenous bias, prejudice, or malice.” The many recent feeling it has actually taken ~ above is in the vocabulary the photography: “relating come or being photography of topics acting naturally or spontaneously without gift posed.”

If Bart Knaggs had been entirely candid, the would have told me that when his prospective father-in-law, who was a doctor, had actually heard that the cancer had actually moved into my lungs, he claimed to Bart, "Well, her friend is dead." — Lance Armstrong, It"s Not about the Bike, (2000) 2001 To it is in candid, I have wondered whether it is same to write around a man for whom ns cannot assist but feeling a actual distaste. — Jill Lepore, Journal of American History, June 2001 There room candid … anecdotes that open-heart surgery. — Joyce Carol Oates, New York Times book Review, 30 Sept. 1990 that was rather candid about his past. She offered us her candid opinion top top the matter.
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History and also Etymology for candid

French & Latin; French candide, indigenous Latin candidus bright, white, from candēre come shine, glow; akin to Welsh can white, Sanskrit candati the shines