Getting locked the end happens to everyone. Here"s one method for getting earlier into your truck that"s sure to work.

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This article applies to the Dodge ram (1994-present).

Most of us have actually been locked the end at one allude or another. If you"re trying to find a means to unlock her truck, there are not numerous safe choices available. You"re finest option is to call a professional locksmith. They"ve had actually training and also use special tools that have the right to safely unlock your truck without causing any kind of serious damage. Your 2nd best alternative is to contact the police department, but they may not come ideal away and there"s no guarantee that they"ll be able to unlock her truck without damaging it. However if you"re in a hurry to obtain your van unlocked, there"s a means to open it using just the day-to-day items you have lying around. Keep reading to learn how to "break into" your Dodge Ram.


Step 1 – do a device out that a cloak hanger

Take a coat hanger and also cut it at the base of the hanger part, then bend it until it is fully straight. Bend a section around a fifty percent inch from the finish to make a hook. A lengthy pick tool should work as well.

Figure 1. Friend could likewise use the herbal hook that the hanger, although it can not be long sufficient this way.

Step 2 – Unlock the truck

Stand increase in the bed the the van if you require a better vantage point. Wrap a cloth roughly your wedge so the doesn"t scratch the truck. Press the wedge right into the far corner of the door until it creates a tiny gap. Then slip the cloak hanger in between the roof the the truck and the window. Girlfriend may need to wiggle that a little to gain it inside. Carefully lower the cloak hanger till it reaches the lock and also slip it between the lock and also the door panel. Acquire the hook roughly the lock climate pull that up. It will certainly take a few tries, but it should work eventually.

Figure 2. Inserting wedge.

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Pro Tip

If you"re concerned the wedge could damage the truck, there is a tool available called a pump wedge. Exactly how it works is girlfriend insert it into to the door and start pumping air right into it. It will certainly expand and open the door a crack, allowing you to acquire inside with a cloak hanger or pick. This is the tool expert locksmiths use and it will certainly be much safer to use on your truck.