Guard versus the icicles paris at your challenge (left). Ice cream Titan falls to one knee allowing Sora to hit that is head (right).

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This is a solo fight so friend won’t be able to use Summons. Aeroga is additionally going to be a bad idea, due to the fact that using Aeroga will force Ice Titan to just use strikes that Aeroga can not mitigate. Equip MP Haste/Rage and Guard when fighting the ice Titan or you’re walking to have actually a poor time.

This giant can just be struggle during battle when his strikes are reflected earlier at him. Relocate to a edge of the arena and also wait because that the icicles to start flying in ~ you, simply guard versus them. Regrettably this isn’t the only assault the ice cream Titan has actually in his arsenal. It also summons three huge boulders to fall just above your head and it provides an icy breath across fifty percent the arena. This all seems pretty vicious, and also it have the right to be, if friend don’t Dodge role away or Glide.


Ice boulders appear over Sora’s head (left). Ice Titan uses its icy breath the frozen Sora in ar (right).

Between these strikes you’ll have actually icicles flying in the direction of you, remember come block them. At some point the ice Titan will become exhausted and keel over. Usage this opportunity to get some assaults in prior to it stands ago up. When it does stand up, the ice Titan emits a frosty ring approximately itself then adheres to up with a huge flurry the icicles and also ice boulders. Reflect the icicles then start Dodge Rolling the end of the way and the common pattern will certainly resume.

You receive the Diamond Dust Keyblade for defeating the ice cream Titan and winning the gold Match.





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