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Falling Cliffs arenaAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, push R2, Circle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle come unlock the falling Cliffs arena.

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General Reiko"s Map Room arenaAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, push R1, Triangle, R2, Up, X(2) come unlock general Reiko"s Map Room arena.Nethership internal arenaAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, press R2, Left(2), Down, L1, Square come unlock the Nethership interior arena.Pyramid that Argus arenaAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, push R2, L2, Square, X, R1, up to unlock the Pyramid that Argus arena. Alternately, collection 40 Relic items in Konquest mode.Red Dawn arenaAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, push Circle, L1, Up, Square, Circle, under to unlock the Red Dawn arena. Shinnok"s Spire arenaAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, push Left(2), Circle, Up, Triangle, L2 come unlock Shinnok"s Spire arena.Play together BlazeAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, push Triangle, Square, Left, L1, Left, Circle to unlock Blaze. Alternately, collect 50 Relic item in Konquest mode.Play together DaegonAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press R2, L2, Triangle, Down(2), Square come unlock Daegon. Alternately, collect 30 Relic items in Konquest mode.Play together MeatAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press Up, Square(2), Circle(2), up to unlock Meat. Alternately, collection 10 Relic items in Konquest mode.Play together TavenAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press L2, Left, R1, Up, Circle, under to unlock Taven. Alternately, successfully finish Konquest mode.Drahmin"s alternate costumeAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press L1, Right, X, R1, Up(2) come unlock Drahmin"s alternative costume.Frost"s alternative costumeAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, press Down, R2, R1, L1, Circle, L2 to unlock Frost"s alternate costume.Nitara"s alternate costumeAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, push Down, L1, Up, L1(2), appropriate to unlock Nitara"s alternative costume.Shang Tsung"s alternate costumeAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press L2, Left, Up, Circle, Up, L1 come unlock Shang Tsung"s alternative costume.Cyrax fatality blooper movieAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press Right, L1, R2, Down, Up, L1 to unlock the Cyrax fatality blooper movie.Mortal Kombat: Armageddon promo movieAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, push Up(2), Down, Up, L1, X come unlock the Mortal Kombat: Armageddon promo movie. Motor gameplay movieAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press Triangle, Up, R1, L2, R2, R1 to unlock the engine gameplay movie.Armory musicAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, push X, Square, Left, Triangle, Square, X to unlock the Armory music. Lin Kuei palace musicAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, push L2, Left, Circle, X, R2, ideal to unlock the Lin Kuei palace music.Pyramid that Argus musicAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, push Down, Left, R1, L1, Up, L2 to unlock the Pyramid that Argus music.Tekunin Warship musicAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, push Up, Circle, L2, R2(2), X to unlock the Tekunin Warship music.Blaze ide artAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press L1, Triangle, L2(2), R1, Square come unlock Blaze ide art.Early Taven principle artAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press Up, X, R2, Down, L2, X come unlock beforehand Taven ide art.Ed Boon principle artAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, push L1, Left, Up, Circle, R2, L1 come unlock Ed Boon concept art.
Firewall arena principle artAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, press Up, Square, R1, L2, Circle, L1 come unlock Firewall arena principle art.Mileena"s car design concept artAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, press R2, Right, Up, R1, Triangle, as much as unlock Mileena"s car design concept art.Pyramid that Arus ide artAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, press Triangle, Left(2), X, Down, Circle come unlock Pyramid concept art.Sektor"s Pulse Blade principle artAt the "?" crate inside the Krypt, press R2, L1, Left, X, Up, R1 come unlock Sektor"s Pulse Blade ide art.Unused Konquest Trap concept artAt the "?" box inside the Krypt, push Circle, R1, Triangle, Down, Circle, Left come unlock Unused Konquest Trap principle art.Artika arenaSuccessfully complete all 7 trials in Artika Obliesk to unlock the Artika arena.The Krypt arenaCollect every 60 Relic item in Konquest mode to unlock The Krypt arena.Edenian damages arenaDefeat the giant Skulls in Edenia, then go up the path until all of the chests appear. Look within the 2nd chest top top the left come unlock the Edenian ruins arena.Scorpion"s Lair arenaDefeat the giant Skulls in Edenia, then walk up the course until all of the chests appear. Look inside the third chest ~ above the ideal to unlock the Scorpion"s Lair arena.20,000 KoinsCollect 20 Relic item in Konquest mode to obtain 20,000 extra Koins.Defeating BlazePlay together NightWolf. Once the battle starts, push L1 to move to your Tomahawks. Conveniently press Forward(2), one to perform a Rhino Charge, then quickly press Square, Triangle, X, one to carry out a combo the takes far a large amount of his health. Keep repeating this till Blaze has actually been defeated.Taven"s armorSuccessfully complete the indicated task in Konquest mode to obtain the matching piece of armor because that Taven:Chestplate: defeat Sub-Zero in the Lin Kuei Palace.Gauntlets: uncovered in the Netherrealm in the area once you jump down after the fiery meteor drops from the sky.Super MovesSuccessfully perfect the suggested task in Konquest setting to unlock the matching Super Move:Escape: loss Frost in the Lin Kuei Palace.Fire Ball: reach the 4th area the the Tekunin Warship.Ground Pound: loss Jarek in the first training Obelisk.Time Stop: go into the Red Dragon Caverns and move forward until the fork. Follow the ideal path into the environment-friendly light indigenous the sky.Kreate-A-Kharacter itemsSuccessfully completed the shown task in Konquest mode, then open the gold chest that shows up to unlock the matching item for developed characters:Elder gods Female Armor - Belt: Behind the formerly locked gate in Arctika after the 2nd Obelisk after beating the Tengu Ninjas.Elder gods Female Armor - Boots: after ~ the zero Stalkers, rest the cracked wall surface to the left climate go under to the ideal alcove.Elder gods Female Armor - Cape: look in the area after you encounter and defeat Sonya.Elder god Female Armor - Glove: get to the flaming sword area that Shinnok"s Spire, then turn and also go to her left.Elder gods Female Armor - Helmet: defeat the Shao cannes Colossus, then enter the 2nd room ~ above the right.Elder god Female Armor - Legs: In the cave that opens after you defeat the undead the the Netherrealm after gaining your gauntlets.Elder god Female Armor - Shoulders: with the cell area the Shao Kahn"s Dungeon and also hit the Ground pound icon. The chest is in the very first cell on the left.Elder god Female Armor - Torso: monitor the right path that the fork in the Red Dragon Caverns.Elder Gods male Armor - Belt: to the best after you open the very first door in the Tekunin Warship.Elder Gods masculine Armor - Boots: ~ the shadow Stalkers, rest the second cracked wall surface on the right. Go down to the end and also look in the left alcove.Elder Gods male Armor - Cape: loss the Shao cannes Colossus, then go into the 2nd room top top the left.Elder Gods male Armor - Glove: ~ the 2nd fallen log and to the best in Botan Jungle.Elder Gods male Armor - Helmet: defeat the gigantic Skulls in Edenia, then walk up the course until you find the golden chest.Elder Gods masculine Armor - Legs: found in the left corner of the 2nd area that Shinnok"s Spire.Elder Gods masculine Armor - Shoulders: was standing in the middle of the room after releasing Shujinko. Then, shooting a fireball in ~ the adjacent torch.Elder Gods male Armor - Torso: defeat the Tengu Leader then walk forward and also break open the discolored wall on the ideal in the blade catch area.Alternate costumesSuccessfully complete the indicated task in Konquest mode, then open the concealed chest that appears to gain the alternative costume for the matching character:Ashrah: loss the ice cream Beast in Arctika.Baraka: Kill all of the adversaries in the last room of the Tekunin Warship.Bo Rai Cho: loss the Wraiths of Shinnok"s Spire.Cyrax: Kill every one of the enemies in the third room of the Tekunin Warship.Dairou: open the chest at the finish of the 2nd ice hallway at the start of the Lin Kuei holy place entrance.Darrius: open up the chest behind the discolored wall surface at the begin of the Lin Kuei Temple, whereby you are attacked by Lin Kuei Archers.Drahmin: In the Netherrealm after ~ you loss Drahmin, shoot down the bat creature over the surrounding cliff.Ermac: open up the chest through the left wall surface in the room whereby you are attacked by the Red Commandos for the 2nd time.Frost: Break all of the tombs lining the wall surface in the room where you fulfill Frost.Fujin: Defeat every one of the Red Dragon Soldiers in ~ the start of the burnt Mountain.Goro: open up the hidden chest to the left that the first area in Shao Khan"s Fortress (directly to the best of a music note).Havik: Defeat every one of the demons in the second area the Shinnok"s Spire.Hotaru: open the chest close come the wall in the second room that the Tekunin Warship.Hsu Hao: open the chest on the ideal walkway ~ you wake up top top the Tekunin Warship.Jade: Defeat every one of the Lin Kuei in ~ the really start the the Lin Kuei Palace.Jarek: open the best chest in the room whereby you fight v the ice cream Scepter.Jax: once you go into Arctika, rotate around and also go to the left to find the concealed chest.Johnny Cage: loss the Tengu Guards at the begin of Arctika.Kai: open up the chest behind a breakable discolored wall surface to the right as you get in the third area of Lin Kuei holy place Entrance in Arctika.Kano: open up the chest come the left together you enter the critical room of the temple of Argus.Kenshi: Defeat all of the Tengu Ninjas with the provided sword in Arctika.Kira: step on the second giant spider in Botan Jungle.Kitana: carry out a Fatality ~ above Wi Lae, leader the the Tengu Ninjas.Kobra: open up the chest behind the very first monolith in the Botan Jungle.Kung Lao: open the chest come the appropriate after you go into the holy place of Argus.Li Mei: Walk around the leaf of the room in the second area that Shinnok"s Spire till you discover the surprise chest.Liu Kang: revolve around and run forward together you go into Shao Kahn"s Fortress to discover the surprise chest.Mavado: open the concealed chest in the left component of the room whereby you do battle after gaining the Supermove: Time Stop.Mileena: defeat Mileena, then hit the ground Pound icon in former of you.Motaro: after the third training obelisk when you should gather crystals, walk to the left next of this area to discover the chest.NightWolf: defeat the gigantic Skulls in Edenia, then relocate up the route until all the chests appear. Open the an initial chest top top the right.Nitara: loss the Undead Revenants for the an initial time in the Netherrealm, then jump down the left-most cliff.Noob Saibot: Defeat every one of the zero Ninjas the an initial time encountered then open up the chest in the Lin Kuei Palace.Quan Chi: step on the rat in the tunnel after you travel through Door A1 in the Red Dragon Caverns.Raiden: defeat the Shao khan Colossus, then go into the first room ~ above the left.Rain: open the chest in ~ the end of the area in Arctika wherein you are attacked by Red Dragon Spies before you fulfill Rain.Reiko: as you enter the first area with blades in Shao Khan"s Fortress, relocate down one of the halls to the left.Reptile: loss the Hybrid dragons in the Red Dragon Caverns.Sareena: loss Kai, Serenna, and also Jatakka.Shang Tsung: at the start of Shao Khan"s Fortress, struggle the floor Pound symbol which is situated to the right and also up the ramp.Shao Kahn: defeat Shao Khan"s Statue.Shinnok: go to the left-most side of the area in the Netherrealm v the fall rocks.Shujinko: struggle the floor Pound symbol in among the cell after defeating The Executioner in Shao Khan"s Dungeon.Sindel: complete the third training Obelisk.Smoke: loss Smoke.Sonya: open the chest come the left that the gate in the area after defeating Sonya.Stryker: break the wall surface on the ideal of the hallway after the shadow Stalkers and go come the end and look in the left aclove.Sub-Zero: open the chest to the appropriate of the statue the your mommy after fighting through Sub-Zero.Tanya: with the cabinet area in Shao Khan"s Dungeon, climate hit the Ground lb icon. Go back to the third cell top top the best to discover the chest.Taven: loss the giant Skulls in Edenia, then go up the route until all of the chests appear. Open the 3rd chest on the left.MusicCollect the indicated musical keep in mind in Konquest mode to unlock the matching music:Arctika: enter the 2nd area the the Lin Kuei temple Entrance and destroy the discolored wall surface to the right. Open the chest to discover the note.Bo"Rai Cho"s Brewery: uncovered after the bridge and in the cave to the right in Botan Jungle.Botan jungle Track: uncovered just before the 2nd fallen log in in Botan Jungle.Goro"s Lair Fight: discovered in Shujinko"s cell once he is released.Hell Fight: uncovered in Shao Khan"s Dungeon, after getting to the cabinet area. Hit the Ground pound icon and look in the 2nd cell on the right.Konquest final Battle: found in Shao Khan"s Fortress. Once running to the very first area v the blades, move to the right to discover the musical keep in mind in the next room.Lin Kuei Palace: uncovered in Lin Kuei Palace straight to your left after friend punch down the ice cream Door.Lin Kuei Raceway: found near the entrance in the last area that Arctika after you defeat every one of the Lin Kuei Warriors and Archers.Lumbermill Fight: uncovered after the second crusher once you return to Arctika after the 2nd Obelisk.Meteor Storm Fight: uncovered after you loss the Undead Revenants because that the an initial time in the Netherrealm by jumping down the left-most cliff.Outworld Refinery: found behind friend after friend fight Drahmin in the Netherrealm.Outworld Spire Fight: found on the best side the the an initial room together you get in Shinnok"s Spire.Pyramid of Argus: defeat the gigantic Skulls in Edenia, then walk up the course until you see a golden chest. The musical keep in mind is come the right of it.Reptile"s Lair Fight: uncovered in the hallway just before the final room that the Red Dragon Caverns, behind a group of 3 blue barrels.Soul room Fight: with the flaming knife area the Shinnok"s Spire then turn around.Subway Fight: loss Sonya blade in Arctika.Tekunin prison Fight: discovered in Shao Khan"s Fortress. Open up the main door and also enter the 2nd area, then walk to the top left side.Tekunin Warship: uncovered in the area where you get attacked by black color Dragon Thugs in the Botan Jungle.The shed Pyramid: uncovered behind one explosive barrel in the fight after you get the supervisor Move: Time Stop.Wastelands Fight: uncovered on the left the the elevator entered at the end of Shao Khan"s Dungeon.Relic itemsThe complying with is a perform of every the relics, in order, the are discovered in Konquest mode. These room items lost by the characters.1. Kobra"s Glove2. Kira"s Knife3. Kai"s Wristbands4. Johnny"s Picture5. Jarek"s Vest6. Kabal"s Mask7. Dairou"s Keys8. Hotaru"s Flag9. Moloch"s Ball10. Stryker"s Radio11. Hsu Hao"s Watch12. Cyrax"s Bomb13. Kung Lao"s Hat14. Sektor"s Rocket15. Jade"s Bracelet16. Sonya"s I. D. 17. Baraka"s Blade18. Havik"s Mask19. Ermac"s Gem20. Jax"s Beret21. Darrius" Shades22. Rain"s Mask23. Ashrah"s Doll24. Kano"s Mask25. Shang"s Stone26. Frost"s Mask27. Kitana"s Fan28. Liu Kang"s Armband29. Onaga"s Helmet30. Noob"s Stars31. Smoke"s Mask32. Sindel"s Brush33. Fujin"s Cape34. Tanya"s Choker35. Mavado"s Hooks36. Daegon"s Belt37. Kenshi"s Blindfold38. Shinnok"s Crown39. Li Mei"s Sandals40. Bo Rai CHo"s Jug41. Nitara"s Orb42. Shao Kahn"s Helmet43. Mileena"s Veil44. Meat"s Steak45. Mokap"s Sensor"s46. Drahmin"s Masl47. Shujinko"s Medal48. Kintaro"s Armor49. Sheeva"s Earings50. Goro"s Gauntlets51. Raiden"s Hat52. Scorpion"s Spear53. Motaro"s Horn54. Nightwolf"s Axe55. Blaze"s Essence56. Sub-Zero"s Amulet57. Sareena"s Sash58. Reptile"s Medal59. Quan Chi"s Amulet60. Reiko"s Chest Plate

Easy KoinsStart a two player Versus mode match. Loss player two with a Savage fatality. Repeat this process until you have the preferred amount that Koins. Note: This only works just for continuous characters and not Bosses.Start solitary player game in Arcade mode. Defeat her CPU enemy with a Savage fatality. Repeat this till you with the Boss, then just defeat him and also repeat until you have the desired amount that Koins. Note: This only works with continuous characters and also not Bosses.Start a 2 player versus mode complement with her profile loaded. Have the 2nd player as any type of character, and also choose Reiko for yourself. Use his Assassin Stars move (Away, Forward, X) to damage player two. You will deal him little damage, yet with a high combo. Repeat this as plenty of times together possible. Unless you usage a fatality, girlfriend will gain at least 1,300 Koins every match.Combo fatalityPress Up(2), Triangle, Down(2), Triangle, Forward(2), Square, Down(2), Square, Away(2), Square, Away(2), Square, Down, Left, Square, Forward(2), Square, Forward(2), Square, Up(2), Square, Up(2), Square, Up(2), circle to execute an 11-hit ultimate Kombo fatality. Alternately, switch out Up(2), Triangle and Down(2), Triangle through the wanted Triangle attack. Switch out Up(2), Circle through the preferred finisher.Press Forward(2), Triangle, Forward(2), Square, Up(2), Triangle, Up(2), X, Up(2), X, Up(2), Square, Away(2), Square, Away(2), Square, Down, Away, Square, Forward(2), Square, Down, Away, Square, Forward(2), one to carry out a 10-hit fatality combo.Press Down(2), X, Up(2), Triangle, Toward(2), Triangle, Down(2), Triangle, Away(2), Triangle, Up(2), Square, Down(2) Square, Away(2), Square, Toward(2), Square, then either Up(2) or Down(2) or Away(2) or Toward(2), climate Circle. You have to do this very quickly. If excellent correctly, you will certainly execute a 10-hit extreme fatality.Rip eight off throughout fatalityDuring a fatality, conveniently press Away, Forward, Triangle.Special Fatality in Bell TowerIn the reduced level of the Bell Tower arena, wait till "Finish Him" appears, then perform an uppercut. Make certain you room not close to the bell. Your adversary will loss through the floor into a spike, on slide down, then have actually his arms and legs get reduced off by four sharp knives on the bottom the the spike. Then a rat will appear and steal a leg.Extra damage in Bell TowerKnock your foe into the lower bell area, then get them in the middle of the stage, and also perform one uppercut. You will certainly send them right into the bell, acquisition 10% that damage and also scoring 50 Koins if you space using a profile.Special Fatality in PrisonIn the jail arena, where you watch Sektor close up door the doors, wait till "Finish Him" appears, then do an uppercut. Make sure you room under the pan in the center of the arena. Your adversary will it is in launch up into the fan and also get splattered across the room, with blood and also guts everywhere.FatalitiesThe complying with is a perform of fatality moves. Fatalities with suggest moves that only "Boss characters" deserve to perform: Onaga, Kintaro, Shao Kahn, Goro, Sheeva, Moloch, and Motaro. Fatalities with suggest moves the only characters with swords can perform.Knees behindAway(2), circle (head rip) Away(2), circle (head rip)Knees behind chainsAway(2), Square (two uses) Toward(2), Square (kick, two uses) confront downToward(2), one (spine rip) Toward(2), one (face stab) Up(2), circle (head pop) Up, Down, one (exploding torso)Face under transitionsDown, Away, Triangle (end position: forward) Down, Away, Square (end position, knees) Up, Down, Up, Square (pull out sword) Down, Up, Triangle (end position, knees)Face under chainsAway(2), Square (knee drop, one use) Up(2), Square (back stomp, 2 uses)Toward(2), Square (punch, one use) Toward(2), Square (head punch, one use) face upToward(2), one (head stomp 1)Away(2), circle (head stomp 2) Up(2), circle (decapitate) Away(2), one (head stab) Down(2), circle (head punch) Away, Down, circle (arms off)Face up transitionsDown, Away, Square (end position: behind) Down, Toward, Triangle (end position: knee behind)Up, Down, Up, Square (pull the end sword) Down, Away, Triangle (end place behind) Down, Toward, Triangle (end position knees behind) confront up chainsToward(2), Triangle (punch, one use) Toward, Down, Square (knee, 2 uses)

Adult son ogong (Dragon sphere GT) created fighter

Gender: male Preset: no one Size medium or big Face: none Hair: Anime 2 Helmet: none Torso: Karate (blue) Cloth: nobody Gloves: nobody Pants: Kung Fu (gold) Belt: Karate (white)Boots: Kung Fu Head: nobody Chest: no one Arms: no one Legs: no one Attributes: DefaultFighting Style: KaiokenTo produce Goku indigenous Dragon ball Z, everything stays the same except for the following:Torso: Layered Gi (orange and blue)Belt: Slim Sash (blue)Boots: Madarin:(blue and gold) To produce Mystic Gohan, usage Adult Goku except the hair, which must be spiked.Bruce Lee developed fighter

Gender: masculine Preset: no one Size: Recommended tiny (your choice) Face: nobody Hair: bowl Helmet: no one Torso: nobody or Tanktop (optional) Cloth: none Gloves: no one Pants: Kung Fu Belt: no one (optional) Boots: Kung Fu

Chun-Li (Street Fighter) created fighter

Gender: FemalePreset: NoneSize: MediumSkin Color: 4, 13Face: NoneEye Color: 2, 29Lip Color: 2, 13Hair: double BunHair Color: 2, 2Band Color: 5, 14Helmet: NoneTorso: MandarinCloth: KimonoMain Color: 11, 9Stripe Color: 5, 13Gloves: NonePants: Thong main Color: 11, 9Accent Color: 11, 9Boots: JumpMain Color: 1, 18Accent Color: 1, 18Head: NoneChest: NoneArms: Spiked WristbandsMain Color: 1, 1Legs: NoneFacial attributes on default settings

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7) developed fighter

Gender: MalePreset: NoneSize: MediumSkin Color: 4, 12Face: NoneEye Color: 12, 12Hair: Anime 1Hair Color: 6, 13Helmet: NoneTorso: Biker coat SColor: 14, 3Accent Color:14, 3Cloth: NoneGloves: animal leather MediumColor: 1, 32Pants: Cargo PantsColor:14, 4Belt: Studded or nobody (optional)Boots: riding MediumColor: 1, 32Head: NoneChest: NoneArms: Round, ring spiked or noneLegs: None

Attributes: =Max =Minimum sleep Width: Nose Length: Mouth Width: Lip Size: Cheekbones: Cheek Width: Jaw Width: Eye Lids: Eye Angle:

Style Name: SoldierPreset: AggressiveStance: KickboxingWeapon Style:Style Name: Ultima BladeWeapon Style: SwordsWeapon: DevastatorPreset: NoneStance: Katana

Cyclops created fighter

Gender: MalePresent: NoneSize: MediumSkin Color: 7, 13Face: NoneHair: NoneHelmet: CowlHelmet Color: 12, 5Torso: Superhero 1Torso Color: 12,5Cloth: NoneGloves: leather LongGloves Color: 6, 10Pants: SuperheroTights Color: 12,5Shorts Color: 6,10Belt: SuperheroMain Color: 6,10Accent Color: 2,8Boots: talk LongMain Color: 6,10Head: Punk GlassesColor: 6,10Lens Color: 3,10Arms: NoneLegs: None

Fiend Ryu (Ninja Gaiden) created fighter

Gender: MalePreset: NoneSize: SmallSkin Color: 14 23Face: evil UndeadEye Color: 2, 7Hair: NoneHelmet: Ninja Hood (Color: 1, 4)Torso: Cyber Armor S (Main Color: 1, 32) (Accent Color: 12, 19) Cloth: NoneGloves: Ninja (Main Color: 1, 6) (Accent Color: 1, 16)Pants: stripe Spandex (Main Color: 1, 4) (Stripe Color: 1, 32) Belt: Studded (Main Color: 1, 3) (Accent Color: 1, 10)Boots: Ninja long (Main Color: 1, 3) (Accent Color: 1, 32)Head: MK Mask 1 (Color: 1, 32)Chest: Scarf, lengthy (Color: 1, 32)Alt. Use: Ninja SwordsArms: NoneLegs: no one Attributes: every default Fighting StyleStyle Name: NinjitsuPreset: AggressiveStance: Ninjitsu Weapon StyleStyle Name: Dragon SwordWeapon Type: SwordsWeapon: Ninja SwordPreset: BalancedStance: Katana ExtrasVoice: large Male 1Victory: Lin Kuei

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) created fighter

Gender: FemalePreset: NoneSize: MediumSkin Color: 4, 13Face: NoneEye Color: 2, 29Lip Color: 2, 13Hair: BraidHair Color: 2, 29Band Color: 5, 13Helmet: NoneTorso: Vinyl TankMain Color: 10, 15Trim Color: 10, 15Cloth: NoneGloves: FingerlessMain Color: 1, 1Pants: Khaki ShortsColor: 3, 26Belt: leather WideMain Color: 2, 29Boots: MotorcycleColor: 2, 29Head: none (or round Glasses if desired)Chest: BackpackMain Color: 2, 29Arms: NoneLegs: total HolsterMain Color: 2, 29Facial features on default setting

Link (Zelda series) created fighter

Gender: MaleSize: SmallHair: MetroMain Color: 5, 26 Helmet: BandanaMain Color: 7, 2Torso: MandarinMain Color: 7, 2Accent Color: 5, 24Cloth: lengthy Main Color: 7, 2Accent Color: 5, 24Pants: KickboxingMain Color: 5, 24Accent Color: 7, 2Belt: leather SlimMain Color: 5, 2Accent Color: 5, 24Boots: MandarinMain Color: 3, 2 interval Color: 5, 24Gloves: RainMain Color: 6, 5Accent Color: 4, 2Head: Pointy EarsFighting StyleName: Hylian SmackPreset: DefensiveStance: sunlight BinWeapon StyleWeapon Name: understand SwordSword: DevastatorStance: Pulse Blade

Robin (Batman) created fighter

Gender: MalePreset: NoneSize: MediumSkin Color: 4, 13Face: UndeadEye Color: 1, 18Hair: SpikedColor: 1, 1Helmet: NoneTorso: Superhero 3Main Color: 2, 6Accent Color: 8, 7Cloth: NoneGloves: animal leather LongColor: 1, 1Pants: SuperheroTights Color: 8, 7Shorts Color: 2, 8Belt: UtilityMain Color: 6, 11Accent Color: 6, 11Boots: speak LongMain Color: 1, 2Head: Bandit MaskColor: 1, 1Chest: CapeOuter Color: 1, 4Inner Color: 6, 11Arms: NoneLegs: NoneAll facial characteristics on default setting

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7) produced fighter

Gender: MalePreset: NoneSize: MediumFace: NoneEye Color: 4,12Hair: FantasyHair Color: 1, 23Torso: TrenchcoatCoat Color: 1, 1Accent Color: 1, 1Gloves: FingerlessGlove Color: 1, 1Pants: LeatherPants Color: 1, 1Belt: animal leather slimBelt Color: 1, 1Accent Color: 1, 9Boots: riding ShortBoots Color: 1, 1Chest: Samurai SwordSword Color: 1, 3Accent Color: 1, 1Arms: SamuraiMain/Accent Color: Both 1, 1Weapon format Name: MasamuneWeapon type: SwordsWeapon: Ninja SwordPreset: BalancedStance: KatanaFighting format Name: SoldierPreset: DefensiveStance: Val Tudo

Smoke (Mortal Kombat Trilogy version) developed fighter

Gender: MaleBody Size: MediumPreset: NoneSkin Color: 13,10Face: CyborgHair: None, unusedHelmet: Cyber Ninja (13,10) (13,10)Torso: Cyber Armor (13,10) (13,10)Cloth: Cyber Ninja (13,10) (13,10)Gloves: Cyber (13,10)Pants: Cyber (13,10)Boots: Cyber Ninja (13,10) (13,10)

Tifa (Final Fantasy 7: development Children) produced fighter

Face: NoneHair: Ponytail Large, shade dark brown or blackHelmet: NoneTorso: Tank Top, shade black, trim color whiteCloth: Front earlier Split, shade black, unused blackGloves: Karate or Fingerless, shade blackPants: Ninja, shade blackBelt: animal leather Plain, shade white optionalBoots: Hitops, color blackHead: NoneChest: NoneArms: single Band, shade light pinkLegs: NoneAttributesNose Width: DefaultNose Length: DefaultMouth Width: DefaultLip Size: DefaultCheekbones: DefaultCheek Width: DefaultJaw Width: DefaultEyelids: DefaultEye Angle: DefaultBreast Size: full BarAttack StyleFighting Style: Zangan RyuPreset: DefensiveStance: KickboxingWeapon StyleStyle Name: ZangabladeWeapon Type: SwordsWeapon: loss DaoPreset: BalancedStance: Pulse Blade

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Play as human being Smoke
Select Cyber Ninja Smoke. Prior to a round begins, hold the adhering to buttons until person Smoke appears. For player one, host Left + HP + HK + Block + Run. For player two, hold Right + HP + HK + Block + Run.Hidden charactersPlay Arcade mode with any character top top any an obstacle setting. Intentionally shed your very first match and permit the timer to counting all the way down. Once the timer reaches zero a screen will appear where girlfriend can go into codes. Each block coincides to a specific button. The numbers represent how many times a particular button is pressed. Girlfriend must go into the following codes top top both controllers within ten seconds to unlock the equivalent character:Classic Sub-Zero: 81835 - 81835Ermac: 12344 - 44321Milena: 22264 - 22264"Crispy!" commentDuring the "Hell Pit" fatality, hold the suggested buttons. Host both HP buttons to hear Dan Forden to speak "Crispy!". Hold both run buttons come hear Shao Kahn to speak "Crispy!".Random character selectAt the "Select her Fighter" screen, push Up + Start.Kombat KodesEnter the following codes in ~ the versus screen before a fight starts. Each block synchronizes to a certain button. The numbers stand for how many times a details button is pressed.

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ResultKombat KodeInfinite Run466-4661/4 power Player 1707-0001/4 energy Player 2000-7071/2 energy Player 1033-0001/2 power Player 2000-033Fast Uppercut Recovery788-322 impede Disabled020-020 throw Disabled100-100 Randper Kombat444-444 Dark Fighting688-422 Invisible energy Bar987-123 Psycho Kombat985-125 quiet Kombat300-300 Sans strength (UNIKORIV REFERRI)055-550 Explosive Kombat 4 Player 2 top top 2 Kombat227-227Explosive Kombat with throwing disabled 4 Player 2 ~ above 2 Kombat022-220Galaga642-468Winner of ring one fights Shao Kahn033-564 Winner of round one fights Motaro969-141 Winner of round one fights human being Smoke205-205Winner of round one fights Noob Saibot769-342The Pit 3 Kombat Zone820-028 Shao Kahn"s Tower Kombat Zone091-190 The Subway Kombat Zone880-088 The Street Kombat Zone079-035 The Graveyard Kombat Zone666-333 The temple Kombat Zone600-040 The bridge Kombat Zone077-022 The Rooftop Kombat Zone343-343 The heart Chamber Kombat Zone123-901 The Balcony Kombat Zone880-220 Scorpion"s Lair (Hell) Kombat Zone666-444 The Cavern Kombat Zone004-700 The Desert Kombat Zone330-033 The Waterfront Kombat Zone002-003 Noob"s Dorfen Kombat Zone050-050 Portal Pit (SCISLAC BUSOREZ) Kombat Zone933-933"There Is No understanding That Is not Power" post 123-926"No Fear=EB Button, Skydive, Max Countdown" message282-282"Hold Flippers throughout Casino Run" message987-666"Version Check" message999-999 "Throwing Encouraged" message010-010 "Go check out The Mortal Kombat Live Tour!" blog post 550-550"Don"t run At Me" message448-844 "Skunky!!" message122-221 "Watcha total Do?" message004-400 "Rain have the right to Be found At The Graveyard" message717-313
Easy means to gain Lost TreasuresPlay an eight person tournament. When you win you will have the ability to choose any type of of the treasures. This is much simpler than beating competition mode.Description of lost Treasures

Dg: tournament Outcome (character ending)MK: Rellim Ohcanep (used to it is in Galega in the arcade)YnY: fight with Ermac (Fight Ermac)3: Noob Saibot (fight Noob Saibot)?: arbitrarily PrizeLt: Fatality demonstration 1Gr: Fatality show 2Rd: Fatality demonstration 3Sk: Noob Saibot / Ermac EnduranceSkl: MK2 standard Endurance?: Mega Endurance Kombat?: supreme Demonstration (Fatalities, Animalities, Friendships, Babalities)