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This video will display you step by action instructions on exactly how to reset her oil life indicator on a Honda CR-V 2002-2007.


1. Turn the ignition to operation (one position before starting engine).2. Press the SELECT/RESET knob continuously until the engine oil life is displayed.3. Push the SELECT/RESET knob for around 10 seconds or till the display begins to blink.4. Pick the ‘‘OIL LIFE’’ indicator by transforming the SELECT/RESET knob.5. Push the SELECT/RESET knob for an additional 5 secs or till the Oil Life display begins to blink.6. Push the SELECT/RESET knob for one more 5 secs or until the engine oil life resets to 100.7.

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Turn the ignition off and also then start the engine come verify the indicator has actually been reset.8. DONE!!!