Anyone who has played football knows exactly how fussy and details players deserve to get about their uniforms. Sure, you desire to look at good—but much more importantly, you desire to beat good. Team uniforms look similar at an initial glance, but every player has little tricks to do his equipment much more comfortable and also enhance his performance. A recent short article on highlighted typical equipment alterations that NFL players do to customize their uniforms to their liking. Right here are our three favorites.

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1. Double-Sided ice on Shoulder Pads


Football players want to do it as difficult as feasible for their adversaries to seize onto them. Putting double-sided tape on her shoulder pads is one surefire way to make yourself much more slippery. By put the ice cream on peak of her pads and then firmly pressing your jersey against it, you essentially tighten your sleeves and give your foe less towel to grab onto.

This deserve to make a huge difference for defensive linemen or linebackers. Attack linemen will latch onto anything they can when trying come execute a block. Let’s placed it favor this: if you to be an offensive lineman, who would friend rather shot to block—a male wearing a skin-tight compression shirt or a dude in a bathrobe? Exactly. There’s nothing in the rulebook against this one, so feel totally free to give it a try.

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2. Pre-Tape Spray, the new Stickum


Pre-tape spray (also sometimes known as pre-wrap spray) is the modern-day day identical of stickum, the glue-like problem that NFL players provided to slather on your hands and forearms back in the 1970s to improve their capturing ability.

The use of stickum and comparable substances in this manner to be banned in 1981, yet some NFL players still shot to get away with including a small something extra to improve their grip. One means to execute this is through pre-tape spray, applied prior come a tape project to boost its durability. Although it’s not as effective as stickum and its results wear off fairly quickly, pre-tape spray is daunting to detect, making the an attractive way to acquire an leaf for details players. However, the risk outweighs the prize on this one, since almost every level that football has actually rules against using foreign substances to obtain a compete advantage. Simply do part grip-strengthening practice instead!

3. Shin Guards save Legs

Every athlete to know that gaining hit in the shin harms like hell and also can have actually lasting results that have the right to slow girlfriend down. Which is specifically why part NFL players have actually started put on shin guards. Despite you might associate shin guards through soccer players, the benefits they sell to soccer players space pretty obvious.

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Shin guards add a class of protection for an area that’s typically shielded through nothing much more than a sock, and they’re light enough that lock don’t sluggish a player down. NFL stars like Adrian Peterson and Cam Newton deserve to be seen rocking shin guards on video game day.