I supplied to gain in mine truck and also would grab the steering wheel recognize the tilt part of the steering wheel is way loosened what is the problem, and how have the right to I fix it. My hand-operated does not display a diagram, you re welcome help.

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The whole upper part of the column needs to come apart. There room a couple specialty tools required along the way. None of the manuals offer a step-by-step on acquisition it apartAttached below is a blown increase diagram that the obelisk assembly, hope this helps


Tilt steering on my truck has actually alot that up and also down slop all of a sudden. This come on quickly. Is over there a hazard of it coming apart? The truck was simply inspected and every thing up front confirm OK

my 1989 chevy walk the very same thing. There space some bolts inside the colomn that didn"t obtain tourqued under tight enough when they to be built. If you drive it because that to long without repairing it the wheel deserve to come off. Friend must have actually a special tool to tighten these bolts. Friend will just need to discover a mechanic wh has this tool and also have them repair it. The is more than likely the easiest thing to do.
I have actually a difficulty my steering column has a tiny play in it , it has tendency to have actually slight movement an ext than normal up and down it"s at a suggest where I might want to change it however I have actually no diagram of mine 1990 chevrolet scottsdale 1/2 ton 2 wheel journey automatic traditional cab pick up deserve to you please assist me uncover such a diagram and should i be exceptionally concerned about my loosened column is it major or monor problem.

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I freshly fixed the exact trouble that you room having, with the steering column. The problem is me obtaining it ago together. I seemed to have actually not create down whereby a tiny spring goes. It seems that the steering pillar has different layers. First, take the steering wheel off, then the plate. Friend will require special devices for these. You have the right to rent lock from many auto component stores. Girlfriend will have actually to get down past the plastic "plate", then walk under the dash come unscrew the steel bracket. This bracket stop wiring harnesses and also the tower in place. Once you take the plastic off, gently pull the wiring harness up sufficient to offer room to gain into the facility of the column. There will be tiny screws the you will have to tighten. This is wherein my trouble was. You have the right to have just sufficient room come stick a screw driver into the area, to tighten. Any other concerns feel cost-free to email me.