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Today Sophie of Soof the geezer shares a fast, easy and affordable method to trim your hair’s layers at home.

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I wanted to show you guys how to thin her hair out and also soften your layers at home — all through a straightforward disposable razor blade! first of all, I’d no recommend this come you girls with curly or thin hair. Slicing slim hair or hair that isn’t straight have the right to be tricky. It will take too lot off, so you re welcome don’t try this yourself, and go come a hair shop instead.

How did ns come up with this trick? The last time I visited a hair salon they unfortunately took a very “creative” route, and I finished up having actually choppy class that required a lot of styling… That’s something ns don’t have time for, and also later as soon as I was browsing YouTube a video caught my eye. In the this male was styling his hair with a razor blade he obtained at a hair salon, and also I figured that if he might do it, so might I. For this reason let’s begin!

What you’ll need:

A *new* disposable razorA hairbrush


First, brush your hair with very, an extremely thoroughly. Girlfriend don’t want any type of knots or kinks, or the razor will take off that whole section! If your hair isn’t straight yet, you have to straighten it now.

Next, stand in front of a mirror, and take about a 1-2 inch ar of hair in your hand, maintaining it except the remainder of your hair.Depending on the size of your hair, begin at the reduced end, and also gently on slide the razor tongue downward there is no pushing in the blade. Just gently hold it against the strands. You want to produce or soften her layers, and not take off every one of the ends. Ns start around 4-5 inches up from the ends, yet it all counts on exactly how long her hair is and also where her layers start.


You’ll notice that the won’t take it a many hair off at all — simply a few ends every section. I go end the exact same piece as soon as or twice and then take another piece that hair and also continue. The whole process takes around 5 minutes; if girlfriend want, girlfriend can always go over her hair again. But start the end slow and be careful! friend don’t want take off also much. This an approach isn’t supposed to reduced your hair, simply to soften harsh/choppy layers or create layers in longer hair.


In this picture I’ve perfect the left side (right next of the picture) of mine hair, and also as you can see that looks much smoother and more polished 보다 the various other side does.

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The razor take it out some of the dead ends and also weight from my thick hair.

After you’re finished, usage a styling cream (I usage Frederic Fekkai Glossing cream), and I think you’ll notice how soft her hair looks and how beautifully her layers are blended! i razor mine hair about every 2 months, and also it yes, really keeps my hair feather pretty