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Hi everyone,I right now have a 2011 Highlander the I arrangement to switch over to the 2018 Highlander AWD XLE in the next couple of weeks. Can anyone permit me understand if the second row bench chair is easy to remove? and also when you remove it, is it totally flushed v the flooring or is over there a hump? I know if i were to eliminate it in mine 2011, there"s a hump. Reason why I"m questioning is since I would favor to remove half of the bench to have a level surface to hold my an extremely tall cakes (I do wedding cakes because that a living) and I right now have to provide them taken apart because of the height. You re welcome send part photos of the aftermath of remove the 2nd row bench if you have actually any!! give thanks to you:laugh: so much!
...Reason why I"m questioning is since I would prefer to remove fifty percent of the bench to have actually a level surface to host my an extremely tall cakes...
Have you taken into consideration buying a Highlander with second row captains chairs? It would certainly be a lot less complicated to remove one of them versus half of a bench seat.Either means I doubt girlfriend would have actually a completely flat floor after ~ removing a seat because they both sit on rails to enable for front/back adjustment.
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Would it no make much more sense to in reality go look in ~ the vehicle and see because that yourself. What could be simple removal because that one person could not be because that you and also you will see simply how level the floor is.

Never folded mine seat down however isn’t the 2nd row flat with the 3rd row when folded down? If therefore if her removing second row would certainly you have to remove the third row too?
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I at this time have a 2011 Highlander that I plan to switch over to the 2018 Highlander AWD XLE in the next couple of weeks. Have the right to anyone permit me understand if the 2nd row bench seat is simple to remove? and also when you eliminate it, is it totally flushed through the flooring or is over there a hump?
FWIW..Don"t recall everyone on this forum removing 2nd row? an interpretation u could be very first to do? rely on your previous experience reason 2018 can be comparable in remove etc. Let us understand & great luck on her project.

I have actually removed all the seats. The is virtually flat all the method to the back. I have actually pictures in my simple Stereo update thread.I would certainly recommend a Van/Mini Van together it has actually a short floor.My signature photo shows through all seats out.

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