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It is situated in East Alton, IL, right throughout the Mississippi River, and also right up the road a mile from the Olin Winchester ammo plant, wright here all their shot shell production still takes place:

After a long delay via no totally free time to correct the damage Photobucketup did to my OP, I"ve made some time to do a complete rewrite, making use of to host the pics, hopefully forever before. Everypoint is brand brand-new, other than the gun itself! :mrgreen:M12"s are still plentiful and also reasonably inexpensive these days, via over 2 million made in between 1912-1963, and a couple of after that. Unfortunately, despite that they were pricy in their day, they too frequently have been left dirty, and many kind of are rust buckets, mine consisted of, many thanks to unwell-known previous owners. It still shoots prefer a dream, though! 8)The rust might be because taking them apart to clean them properly is an intimidating mystery to some owners, though as you will certainly see, it shouldn"t be. :?All referrals are from the butt of the gun, looking forward in the direction of the muzzle, and also component numbers and names supplied, as this diagram shows:

***MAKE SURE THE GUN IS UNLOADED, AND THE TRIGGER SAFETY ON, FIRST!***The M12 displayed in the assembled and also all set to fire condition:

LOCKING AND UNLOCKING THE MAGAZINE -- Separating the gun right into 2 halves, known as "takedown."The first step of disassembly, (and last step of reassembly in reverse order,) is to unlock (lock) the Magazine tube (21) ("Mag" hereafter) for takedvery own. This have the right to be done as regularly as you like, and becomes second nature with exercise, just favor an O/U. I keep my M12 in a takedown situation, simply prefer my O/U.The Magazine locking pin (19) ("Mag pin") is shown in the locked, prepared to fire, 11 o"clock position:
Keep in mind the Mag is completely rearward, (locked and also ready to fire problem,) with the Mag pin ideal next to the Magazine band (14) ("Mag band").During takedvery own and reassembly, you need to take care for the threads on the Barrel (11) and also Mag, and their mates inside the Receiver (1):
Depress the Mag pin to the 5 o"clock position, then turn the Mag pin and Mag together (the pin is your lever) to the 8 o"clock place, one-quarter turn:
If the Mag won"t turn via the leverage gave by the Mag pin and also your fingers, you might have grime, rust, or damages, either under the Mag band also, or in the Receiver/Mag threads.IF AND ONLY IF it will not rotate easily, initially attempt rerelocating the Magazine band bushing screws (12) ("Mag band screws") (displayed mounted above/removed below) to allow the band to be spcheck out a little bit bigger on the Mag:
The Mag band also need to never
make immovable contact via the Mag, but it does organize the Barrel tight once the two screws are mounted, by style. The Barrel is addressed, the Mag is designed to slide forward and also rearward with the (snug) Mag band also, just when unlocked, to disinteract the receiver for takedown.The Barrel above is displayed popped out (the Mag band functioning like a "U-shaped" spring with the screws rerelocated.) This is the normal way the Barrel is ***LATER STEP*** separated (and also reset up ) from (to) the Mag.Also, the "Barrel flange" is shown, which goes right into the Mag band also and Magazine band also bushing, (13) into mortises reduced into them.***Just like every little thing on neglected weapons, if something is stuck, soak overnight or longer via penetrating oil. If that doesn"t totally free it up, watch a gunsmith. Never before use devices which geneprice too much leverage. This gun is designed to just need a 3/16th" hollow ground conventional guideline screwdriver to disassemble.***Assuming the Mag slides easily, slide the Mag, Action slide (25) and also Action slide take care of (28) ("Slide") forward about 4" until they all call the "Mag flange:"
The Mag flange"s rear edge is the forward limit of travel for the Action slide sleeve screw cap (27).The Slide, cap, and take care of are generally left mounted on the Mag. The cap needs a special tool from Brownell"s, or a home made one, to rerelocate, and tright here is no reason to for normal cleaning.The Action slide (25) bar have to be totally retracted from the Receiver, BEFORE you attempt to remove the forward half of the gun from the rear fifty percent.
***THIS IS PROPER:*** Action Slide bar totally flush through the Receiver expansion (8) BEFORE you attempt to sepaprice the halves:
Hold the Buttstock (47) and Receiver still, keep forward push on the Slide, and also rotate the forward fifty percent of the gun just slightly much less than one-quarter rotate clockwise, then gently attract it forward and clear of the Receiver, closely so as not to bung the threads. A good "cheat" is to hold the gun vertically, so tright here is no side-fill on the threads.The M12 in takedown:
Keep in mind again, the difference between once the Mag is unlocked, over, slid about 4" forward from the Mag band, compared to once it is locked:
SEPARATING THE BARREL FROM THE MAG -- It"s going to begin gaining tricky now!The Mag deserve to be left internally intact or disassembled, on or off of the Barrel, your option. The exemption is if you want to rerelocate the Mag band also and also Action slide handle retaining (leaf) spring (15) from the Mag. To rerelocate those, both the Barrel/Mag separation and also Mag disassembly are compelled, together, however we"ll hold off on that, till we disassemble the Mag.Once the forward half of the gun is cost-free of the Receiver, set the Receiver aside.As mentioned above in the stuck Mag band also comments, remove the Mag band also screws, and "pop" the Barrel apart from the Mag by inserting the fingers of both hands in the gaps between the 2 parts .
The Barrel and also attached Receiver Exanxiety is then collection aside for normal cleaning. Leave the Exstress attached to the Barrel. Rerelocating and adjusting Barrel tension is only for a well-skilled M12 gunsmith to attempt.
Reassembly will certainly aacquire be the reverse:Gently place the rear finish of the Mag right into the Receiver extensionLine up the Barrel
flange via the reassembled and mounted Mag band also and also Magazine plug stop (16), (check out below, looks favor Felix the cat)Make certain the Mag flange (not the Barrel flange) is at the 9 o"clock position:
Squeeze the Barrel earlier right into the Mag band, by making "fists" roughly the Barrel and also Mag, and progressively closing them.Finally, reinsert and also tighten the Mag band also screws. Some may wish to think about Blue Loctite?This also all becomes second nature with exercise, though it need not be done routinely, unmuch less the gun gets wet or you desire to "deep clean" it.DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY OF THE MAG -- Now it starts obtaining a small complicated! :?The Mag pin has actually a small "spring-clip" set into a slot on the side of the pin. One end of the spring is rounded, the other forms a protruding "pointer."
Keep in mind over, the spring inside the Mag pin has actually been depressed through a little traditional screw driver (the only tool required) and rerelocated from the Mag, then partly replaced to present the proper means it is reset up, later on. It just functions one way!***The rounded end of the spring MUST BE reset up on the 8 o"clock finish, and the protruding "tip" in the direction of the 2 o"clock finish. Memory aid: "TIP-TWO" (prefer "tip-toe")
***Next off, reverse the Mag pin and also stick it ago in its hole as an easily removed "keeper," while you rerelocate the two tiny Magazine plug screws (18) (likewise shown are the Mag band also screws)
***If you do not carry out it this means, if the pin is completely rerelocated and you unscrew the plug screws, the Magazine spring (22) will certainly shoot the Magazine plug (17) (not the Three-shell wood plug (24)) out favor a rifled slug of just around exactly the gauge your gun is!***Conversely, if you leave the Mag pin set up commonly, and also initially remove the plug screws, you will certainly have nowright here near enough hands to organize the gun, and the plug, and attempt to work-related the pin spring out of the me on this!Then the Mag plug is organized by the thumb versus spring push, the Pin easily withattracted, set aside, and then the Spring stress progressively released, covered with the palm of the complimentary hand also.
Remove the Mag spring and also Magazine folreduced (23) and clean, swab through oil, and/or replace through a brand-new spring to your heart"s content.My gun was built in 1929, and while I have no idea if this is the original spring, my gun never gained a drop of love prior to I bought it about 5 years earlier, and I haven"t reinserted it. Seems to occupational perfectly, and I shoot a fair amount of trap, skeet, 5-Stand, and Sporting Clays with it, far more than its previous life time full round count, judging by the lack of inner wear.
Next off is rerelocating the above pointed out Magazine plug sheight (16), "Felix the cat." It is a ring via 2 "ears," one for each side of the Barrel. It slides off and on the rear of the Mag plug, obviously. The trick is remembering which method it goes ago on!
Finally, now you have the right to slide off the Mag Band also, its Magazine band also bushing (13), and the Action slide handle retaining spring (15) (leaf-type).That is the Mag totally disassembled, if ever you want/must perform it.Rerelocating components on the M12 is basic, however tbelow are a number of WRONG methods to reinstall them, and also just one correct way!First, back on through the Mag band also, AFTER you appropriately install its bushing; that implies the large-side cutouts with threads mirroring are upwards, towards the Barrel.Next, slip the leaf spring ago under the band:
Now it"s time to reconstruct the Mag internals:First, put the Mag follower on the Mag spring, and loosely insert in the Mag.Next, the slot
in the Mag plug goes on the opposite (right) side of the mag flange. This slot and the gauge-stamped tab on the Mag plug sheight ("Felix") is what limits the rotating of the Mag to one-quarter turn.

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Before inserting the Mag plug in the Mag, the plug sheight is slid over the rear of the plug, with the stamped gauge number on the tab dealing with towards the rear of the Mag (folreduced end) and also the tab in the slot.Then, compressing the Mag spring flush with your fingers, the Mag plug is put in the Mag, with the plug speak ears pointing approximately obtain the Barrel.It is all temporarily held together with the reversed Mag pin aobtain, then the plug screws are replaced and tightened. Some may wish to think about Blue Loctite?
Finally, with the plug screws tight, the Mag pin is withdrawn, and reinserted correctly, FROM the 8 o"clock direction, via the "tip-two" (o"clock.) The pin spring is depressed with the screw driver guideline, and also the pin placed.It currently will certainly not loss out (the function of the tip,) yet it likewise will certainly cycle from unlocked to locked properly; if it is mounted incorrectly, it won"t cycle appropriately, or it might loss out on the ground and could be lost.The Mag pin is left in the 8 o"clock position till you wish to rejoin the two halves of the gun.RECEIVER COMPONENTS -- Only four parts to problem about, and also they are nearly all easy!The trigger/carrier team is called Guard-complete assembly (45). I advise leaving it together as a unit. Yup, speak to the gunsmith if it needs even more than a spray or dunk task. The screw heads are staked, if that provides you an idea of their permanency:
Rerelocated the one screw at the rear end of the cause guard with the previously mentioned 3/16ths" hollow ground traditional screwdriver.Pull dvery own and also rearward on the Trigger Guard. A slight side-to-side wiggling might help. If jammed, soak overnight through penetrating oil. If still jammed, yup, check out a gunsmith.
Shake the gun, and the cutoff must autumn out. If wedged in via grime, gently push ends with fingers to rock back and forth. As a last rekind pry extremely gently after soaking in penetrating oil overnight; it is just held in by shallow round mortise in the facility. Or, back to the gunsmith if it has REALLY been neglected! :roll:Next, lay the receiver on its left side, with Ejection Port facing up. Remove the Ejector and ejector spring (30), by gently prying with your screwdriver:
Next off, remove the Breech bolt. Memory aid: "rocker switch," displayed depressed forward for shooting forward
The receiver is now empty.Reinstall in the reverse order:Hold Receiver upside down, and also slide Breech Bolt "up and in," organized flush against peak of the receiver through your finger, against the Firing pin retractor (35) spring pressureBreech bolt rocker switch depressed forward with you screw driver. ("forward to shoot forward.") You deserve to now take your finger off the underside of the bolt.Lay the Receiver of its left side, ejection port encountering up.Slide in the Ejector spring in flush, utilizing simply your fingertips. Start behind the slot, and gently guide it forward; it will certainly drop right in! If it gets stuck sidemethods, rerelocate via screw driver and attempt again; it becomes basic with practice, just choose every little thing else.Lay the Cartridge cutoff ago into its slot and round holeGuide the Guard ago in and also up, mindful not to knock out the cutoff, and also reinstall the screw at the rear of the trigger guard.AND FINALLY!To reassemble the two halves, make sure the Mag pin is in the 8 o"clock place.With the forward fifty percent of the gun turned slightly much less than one quarter clockwise to the rear half, so the Barrel threads mesh via the Receiver (lack of) threads, gently slide them together, making certain the Slide is fully forward, which holds the Mag and also slide bar totally forward.Rotate the forward half respond to clockwise, again assuring the slide bar is fully retracted. Align the Mag via the Receiver. Slide the Mag aft till its threads are aligned, then lock with the Mag pin by rotating the Mag from 8 o"clock to 5 o"clock. Then pushing the fin via to 11 o"clock position, which keeps the Mag from unscrewing.The gun is now ready to shoot! {hs#