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What's Up with Dogs Peeing on vehicle Tires?

Many dogs pee on car tires, that's a fact. If you own a vehicle, opportunities are you've chased a dog far from her car, truck, or motorcycle due to the fact that you captured the tiny rascal peeing on your tires. Nobody likes the smell of dog urine, and you'd think through plenty the other places to perform their business, pooches would certainly leave your vehicle alone.

But no, auto tires because that some reason rank high in a dog's hierarchy of places to to pee on. What is it around tires the make dogs sniff, pee, then leave v a contented watch of a project well done? Why do auto tires tempt dogs favor honey color etc bees?

Dogs can't tell us specifically why they carry out the quirky points they do, however there room several an excellent explanations regarding why they love come tinkle top top tires. Of course, until the work dogs deserve to talk and also express your feelings around the subject, we deserve to only do assumptions.

In order to much better understand this behavior, it helps to put ourselves into our dog's mind and body and also carefully evaluate what lies within. This is probably the best technique to obtain some education guesses.


Introducing the Dog's Almighty sleep

In bespeak to recognize why dog pee on tires, a little appetizing food on Doggy Anatomy 101 can help us appreciate the human being from a dog's perspective.

You see, dogs have actually an impressive olfactory system. They deserve to breathe and also sniff fragrant at the same time, which explains why her dog occasionally sounds favor a snorting locomotive as soon as you walk for a walk.

An body organ for Messaging

Dogs also have something people don't: a vomeronasal organ, or Jacobson's organ located in your nasal cavity just over the roof the the mouth. This special organ is there because that a noble purpose: it help Rover finding pheromones (special chemical messengers) exit from other dogs.

It goes somehow prefer this: a dog trickles a few drops of urine on a surface and then leaves. This trickle of to pee is not just mere waste that is flushed down a toilet and also forgotten, together it wake up in humans. It's like a message in a bottle, "pee-mail" so come speak.

It goes there is no saying that dogs space fascinated by pee, part even show up obsessed about it. Dogs reap depositing pee and interpreting the to pee left through others.

Doggy organization Cards

Why is pee for this reason fascinating to dogs though? Here's the deal: dog pee is teeming v information. It consists of a bouquet of social details such as the gender, age, reproductive status, society status, health, and also kinship that the dog that left that behind.

When dog stumble upon areas coated through pee-mail, they'll attentively sniff the area, and some dogs will also chatter your teeth, so to send chemistry signaling scent molecules to your vomeronasal organ, which climate relays them to the brain to several dedicated compartments relating come mating, communication, social situations, etc.

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So as soon as you view Rover concentrated on sniffing a spot, he's carefully assessing the scent. Over there you go, currently you understand why your dog poses a hearing deactivated ear when you speak to him or tug his leash to return to resume his walks if he's sniffing. He's super concentrated!

After examining the smell, her dog may then decision to just move on to sniffing something else or push "the reply" switch by leaving another pee-mail.