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La musique

Music is a language depend itself, and also yet we need our very own language come talk around it. The French names for musical category are frequently the same as in English, but there’s quiet plenty that French vocabulary to it is in learned.

musicla musique
musicalityla musicalité
beatle temps
movementle mouvement
rhythmle rythme
songune chanson
Types the musicGenres de musique
ambiant musicla musique d’ambiance
background musicla musique de fond
bland musicla musiquette
bluesle blues
classical musicla musique classique
countryla musique country
electronic musicla musique électronique
folkle folkla musique folklorique
French range musicla variété française
hip hople i know well hop
house musicla musique house
jazzhot jazzcool jazzle jazzle hotle cool
Muzakla musique d’ascenseurla musique de supermarché
pople popla musique populaire
raple rap
rockle rock
soulla musique soul
musicianun musicienune musicienne
backup singerle / la choriste
composerle compositeurla compositrice
conductorle cook d’orchestre
drummerle batteur
guitaristle / la guitariste
rapperle rappeurla rappeuse
singerle chanteurla chanteuse
brassles cuivres
keyboard`à clavier
percussionà percussion
reedà anche
stringà cordes
windà vent
to composecomposer
to hear to musicto listen to the radioécouter de la musiqueécouter la radio*
to performinterpréter
to pat an instrumentto pat guitarto pat pianojouer d’un instrumentjouer de la guitarejouer du piano
to practices’exercer
to read musiclire la musique
to singchanter, interpréter
to compose musicécrire, composer la musique

 *The verb écouter way "to hear to" therefore when followed by something like radio there is no preposition: écouter la radio. In écouter de la musique, de is no acting as a preposition, however is quite helping to develop the partitive article: "to hear to some music."

Reading comprehension

Listening comprehension

Musical expressions

Music because that French Mastery

Listening come music have the right to be a fun and also interesting means not just to suffer some culture, but also to boost your French.