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Who would not prefer to sound choose Elvis? ns bet, aside from wishing to look prefer him, every guy out there wants to have actually that Elvis-like baritone voice that makes girls swoon. Dozens that Elvis Look-and-Sing-alike Contests are held throughout the human being to honor Elvis, the King the Pop, and also hundreds that impersonators usually join these contests. Also Freddie Mercury walk a Queen-version of one Elvis Song, and Bruno Mars, when he was young, even impersonated Elvis Presley.

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When it comes to singers that sounded or would like to sound prefer Elvis Presley, ns think there space many. The thing is, Elvis Presley’s voice is not daunting to mimic, especially if you have that selection of voice comparable to his. Also I, because that example, have the right to mimic, in many instances, the voice of Elvis.

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3 Singers Who have the right to Sing choose Elvis Presley
1) James Hodges Ellis
2) Barry Darcy
3) Harrison Craig

3 Singers Who can Sing favor Elvis Presley

There is a big difference in between those that mimic the voice the Elvis and also those that really sound normally like Elvis. Thus, because that every great mimicker the Elvis’ voice, over there are approximately fifty dreadful mimickers of him. Your number only shows that Elvis is a real icon, idolized even by his fellow singers. So, listed below is a list of singers who naturally sing and also sound prefer Elvis Presley:

1) James Hodges Ellis

James Hodges Ellis—born by James Hughes Bell’s surname on February 26, 1945—is one American Singer. He used the nameOrionas his stage name. He sounded like Elvis Presley, and if you listen to his album, you would think the it was Elvis that is singing. Moreover, his record agency played top top this fact, do many believe that few of his tracks to be made through Elvis. Besides, it even went to a point wherein it asserted that Elvis did not die in 1977.

His vocals had actually a amazing resemblance come the voice the Elvis Presley. Thus, in 1969, Shelby Singleton, who obtained the sunlight Records’ back catalogue civil liberties to Elvis recordings, various other than those for the label’s recordings, released among Ellis’ recordings the the beforehand songs the Presley. These early on recordings contained “That’s All appropriate (Mama)” along with the Blue Moon that Kentucky.”

The brand did not categorically say who sang the song however credited such recordings to someone anonymous. The rumor had actually it the the recordings were alternating takes acquired from Presley sessions. However, friend will notice that the recordings feature electric instead that a cable bass.

Ellis passed away on December 12, 1998, murdered in his store. A filmmaker, Jeanie Finlay, made a documentary on his life entitledThe male Who would certainly Be King.

2) Barry Darcy

The first time I experienced Barry Darcy was as soon as he auditioned because that Ireland’s got Talent. He narrated his sad story before singing ~ above stage, and as usual, civilization were no expecting that to song beautifully. But when he acquired on stage, he began singing v a good baritone voice, a voice akin to Elvis Presley’s voice. Impressed by his performance, he got the golden Buzzer.

His story, that course, is really much motivating to those that heard it. So, if you haven’t checked out his Ireland’s gained Talent performance, you far better check the out. In that performance, he sang theWonder the Youby Elvis Presley. The song is a installation reminder of exactly how his household supported him transparent his sickness.

The crowd and judges to be taken aback through his performance, and also the crowd provided him a standing ovation. Moreover, top top listening come Darcy, friend would conveniently recognize the uncanny similarity between his voice and Elvis’s. He to be 38-year old then once he made his debut ~ above the show. Barry Darcy is a songwriter as well.

3) Harrison Craig

Another singer that sounds like Elvis is Harrison Craig. Harrison Craig first came come our notification when he joinedThe Voice Australia. In that audio audition, that sang the songBroken Vowand had all the four voice coaches turning around. He winner the second series of the contest.Seal,a brother Singer, coached him in the show.

Soon after, over there is no preventing Harrison Craig, despite his stuttering problem. He had actually on the ARIA Singles graph three top ten songs, and also his covering singleUnchained Melodyreached No. 2.More than a Dream, his initial song, peaked at No. 2.

He released his first albumMore than a Dreamon 25 June 2013, while he exit his second album on April 11, 2014. He additionally released his third album in November 2016. His influences incorporate Elvis Presley, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, Nat King Cole, and many others.

In the finals that the Voice Australia, Craig sang the songCan’t help Fallingin Love by Elvis, and also as you hear him sing, friend will notification that he sounded choose Elvis Presley. Therefore, that is no superfluous come say that his voice and Elvis’s Voice room akin to each other.


James Hodges Ellis, Barry Darcy, and Harrison Craig are just three well known singers that sound like the King the Pop. However, numerous other singers can sing choose Elvis, and also can mimic his voice. And also mimicking the voice that Elvis seems reasonably easy. Moreover, various other bands, because that example, favor the Beatles, rojo Stones, Led Zeppelin, Monkeys, beach Boys, Queen, and also even ABBA have tributes come Elvis Presley.

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Elvis Presley’s voice may be easy to mimic, as presented by plenty of singers who might sing choose him. Nevertheless, Elvis together a person and also as a demonstrate is not simple to equal. His rendition and personality do him prefer a god as soon as he is on stage. He to be a complete performer who might mesmerize a crowd.