For all kinds of equipment with a permanent usage ofelectricity, you can quickly reduce the intake fromthe public grid by gaining a part of the energyfrom the sun-shine. This ide is dubbed theGridFree.

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*) Slowing down your power meter meansreducing your usage from the public grid. We stronglydiscourage from illegal manipulation with electrical power meters.Tampering through the electricity meters is illegal.

Starting situation: now every one of your equipmentis powered fully from the public grid. Youmust take all energy from the grid and also pay in full the energybills. Your permanent intake during the day may look likethis:


The usual situation: all energy is taken from the publicgrid. Every one of the energy is paid.

The GridFree solution way that throughout a sunnydaytime a big part of the power can it is in supplied straight fromsolar panels. The energy gained straight from the sunwill help you to alleviate the intake of the power from thepublic grid. Your consumption will look this way:


GridFree: a part of the energy (green color) is converteddirectly indigenous the sunshine

The green area reflects the energy gained from the sunshine. Witha farming sunshine throughout the day, the quantity of self-producedenergy is increasing. As a result the consumption of the energyfrom the network is reduced. Throughout the sunny mid-day time youwill obtain up come 80% **) power from the sun. Thisenergy will minimize your usage of the billed electricityfrom the public grid. As a an outcome the intake from the publicgrid becomes favor this:


GridFree: minimize your daytime intake from the net by80% **)

**) that is feasible to reach almost 100% supplyfrom the solar panels, however in stimulate to avoid unmanagedoverflow of the energy from the GridFree setup into the publicgrid we imply to keep a certain safety margin.

GridFree solution: thanks come the energy fromthe solar rays, you will simply reduce her consumptionof the billed power from the general public grid. This way youcan legally sluggish down your electrical energy meter.

Have a look in ~ the animation of a simple GridFree setup


How come start: simply two straightforward steps

Step 1: analyze your consumption and also findwhere over there is the long-term consumption and also how muchenergy is permanently used during the daytime.

Hint: most regular appliances through permanentconsumption: continually running computers, servers,routers, CCTV systems, safety and security equipment, day-lightsin corridors, ventilation, air-conditioning, numerous industrialdevices and also a variety of various other technical equipment

Step 2: follow to your full permanentconsumption, decide how countless GridFree kits are neededto bring around the maximal reduction. (The GridFree Kit consistsof a solar panel and an inverter.)

Hint: the common output strength of theGridFree Kit is around 230 Watt. For example with one equipmenthaving a consistent consumption of 500W the is ideal to usage twoGridFree kits: the full output power will be up to 460 Watt. Inan appropriate situation, during the full sunny daytime, theconsumption the the billed power from the grid will be reducedfrom original 500 Watt to part 40 Watt.


The GridFree kit v a range of solar panels and also themicroinverter to gain electric energy directly form the sunshine.

Orderthe GridFree Kits.


What about the return of costs for the GridFreeinstallation?

Count merely with us: the GridFree Kit 1x260W Poly is around USD260.With one average full sunshine the 1500 hrs a year, the GridFreekit will develop at least 240 kWh of totally free energy. Through a typicalbilling price that the energy at USD0.174 per kWh, simply a singleGridFree kit will help girlfriend save much more then USD40. (240kWh x USD 0.17). (For leveling all amounts are listedwithout VAT or various other taxes.)

Saving in the bank or harvesting complimentary energy?When you save the USD260 through your bank, what return will certainly you getfrom the deposit? If girlfriend invest the same amount and also buy theGridFree Kit, you will obtain USD40 in a year. This is a 15.3%return of investment per year. Can your financial institution offer the samereturn come you? only with the sunlight you can be totally sure, that willnot bankrupt!

Start saving money now! gain your GridFree kitand start harvesting your power from the sun directly.

Do you desire to recognize more?

Check theoverview that the GridFree-related information.

Do you have questions?

Study theGridFree connected FAQ – generally asked questions.

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