Bat cut is generally performed with a lathe which broadens the center of the barrel of a bat or "shaves" out material. It likewise can be completed with a cylinder hone in the exact same manner. A lathe can either be analog or digital and also coordinates room programmed in and the bat is secured in the large chuck which spins together the device moves follow me the combination axis to reduced into the bat together it spins in a very specific manner. That is as an easy as that yet bat shavers space constantly update the quantity of composite product they take out of a bat since of the ever changing manufacturer specifications and also upgrades come composites. Cut a bat truly becomes an art kind when perfect correctly and also consistently.

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A more less known means to shave a bat is by using a brake cylinder drill hone. It completes the job of a lathe however not together accurate. Bat shavers use a drill hone come remove material from the center of the barrel and also weigh the bat come gauge just how much demands to be removed. The only tiny advantage come a drill hone is the it can shave closer come the taper that the bat and even shave few of the uneven taper as soon as needed. A lathe is still the most accurate and also preferred technique to shave a bat however a cylinder hone will more than do the job of bat shaving.

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