In our previous post, us touched on activity verbs relating come eyes, mouth, foot etc. Today, we will learn exactly how to actually usage the action verb ‘to go’ to type easy Chinese expressions and also phrases beginning with the basic Chinese phrase “Where room you going?

In stimulate to improve your Chinese speaking skill, you need to broaden your Chinese vocabulary lists. By act so, you will certainly then have the ability to hold a conversation also if the sentence is grammar incorrect. By making use of the exactly vocabulary, civilization will still have the ability to understand what you are trying to say. Don’t be shy to do mistake. Only through mistakes will you then be able to learn. ^^

Action verb – go

In Chinese, the activity verb for to go is 去 qù. The Chinese indigenous 去 is a an extremely high frequency Chinese word you would want to remember. High frequency method it is used an extremely often in conversation.

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How perform you speak where space you going in Chinese

If you have actually been complying with our blog or youtube channel, you would probably know the Chinese word because that where is 哪里 nǎ lǐ or 哪儿 nǎ er

The simplest way to to speak where room you going in Chinese is,

去哪里?qù nǎ lǐ?

去哪儿?qù nǎ er?

Literal translation: go where?

If you want to add the pronoun you, you can say

去哪里?Nǐ qù nǎ lǐ?

去哪儿?Nǐ qù nǎ er?

Literal translation: you walk where?

Normally, the pronoun have the right to be omitted when you are having actually a conversation through that person.

Expanding the sentence “where space you going?”Add surname of places

学校 qù xué xiào

go come school

上班 qù shàng bān

go to work

商场 qù shāng chǎng

go to the market

Add the word together

If you deserve to remember from our previous post, the Chinese word us learned for together is 一起. If we add this Chinese word through the sentences above, we will certainly have

一起去学校 yī qǐ qù xué xiào

go to college together

Literal translation: with each other go school

一起去上班 yī qǐ qù shàng bān

go to job-related together

Literal translation: with each other go job-related

一起去商场 yī qǐ qù shāng chǎng

go to the market together

Literal translation: together go market

Add noun such as friend, mam or mom

If you room interested to learn around family members in Chinese, carry out visit and also subscribe to our youtube channel here.

Before you include the noun in prior of 一起, you require to add another Chinese native 和 to mean go with each other with. in English is with.

和爸爸一起去学校 hé bàba yī qǐ qù xué xiào

go to college with my dad

Literal translation: with father together go school

和老婆/妻子一起去上班 hé lǎo pó/qī zi yī qǐ qù shàng bān

go to work-related with mine wife

Literal translation: with wife together go work

和妈妈一起去商场 hé mā ma yī qǐ qù shāng chǎng

go to the market with my mother

Literal translation: with mommy together go market

Add time expression

Refer come the post around time phrase if you have actually missed it.


zuó tiān hé bàba yī qǐ qù xué xiào

I went to school with dad yesterday

Literal translation: yesterday through father together go school

早上八点和老婆 / 妻子一起去上班

zǎo shang bā diǎn hé lǎo pó/qī zi yī qǐ qù shàng bān

Go come work along with my wife at eight this morning

Literal translation: morning eight o’clock v wife go to work


míng tiān hé mā ma yī qǐ qù shāng chǎng

Going to the market with my mother tomorrow

Literal translation: tomorrow with mother go market

How to learn Chinese?

When discovering a foreign language, you must listen and also speak more. Pick up as plenty of vocabularies together you have the right to and form sentences through those vocabularies. Initially, it does not matter whether your sentence is grammatically incorrect. Just sign up with the vocabularies together and expand the sentence bit by bit. Of course, the vocabulary you use has to be regarded the object of conversation.

For example, currently that you understand the Chinese indigenous for walk is 去,you may likewise know the vocabulary for country such together America 美国, following year is 明年, you deserve to then sign up with those vocabularies together to do a sentence.

You may say 去美国明年 qù měiguó míng nián which method go America next year. Grammar it is not correct in Chinese, however it does do sense. Human being will have no problem understanding you. Together you improve your Chinese language skill, girlfriend will recognize that in Chinese, the time phrase is generally after a pronoun or prior to a verb.


The important thing is not afraid of do mistakes. The more mistakes friend make, the better you will certainly get. It is much better to speak climate to be quiet. Finding out language is all around listening and speaking.

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If you like this post, perform remember to come back for much more posts on verbs and also their usages. Nothing forget to leaving a comment or a sentence utilizing the action verb to walk in our comment section.