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One of my favourite countries in Latin America, this Colombian slang guide will aid you fit in.

Tomorrow is the critical day of my 2 month visa in Colombia and also I’m moving on.

When I very first arrived in Colombia ns wasvery frustrated since I can not recognize Colombians. Colombian slang has actually its own set of expressions and also slang.

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I wasn’t sure if the was since they were mumbling, talking quickly or acombination of the two.

Colombia is a nation with a large number of inhabitants and a selection of accents throughout.

This lends itself to many species of indigenous being adjusted nationally. Below, are several of the most popular Colombian slang words, Colombian slang insults and Colombian slang greetings in general.


Essential Colombian Slang

One point I did realize is the there is an incredible amount of expression that i did not understand:


Listo literally method ‘ready’ however its also used if something is clever or cool or okay.

I hear this numerous times a day however when I very first arrived ns thought civilization were always asking me if ns was ready.


With very delicious aguardiente and also other tasty Colombian drinks it is far too simple to end up being hungover.

In Mexico they contact it crudo, which means raw. Yet the Colombian Spanish for hangover is guayabo.

Example: Este guayabo me va a matar…(EN) This hangover is walk to death me.


That’s right, this English word is supplied a lot of in Colombia and also is provided to describe a man, a young or a child.

Example: Este guy es muy buena persona (This man is a very an excellent person).


A la orden

Colombians are very polite and also there is a feeling of formality in your speech.

Anyone serving you, native a taxi driver to a grocery store clerk will say this come you. It literally means ‘to order’ however is an ext similar to ‘at your service’.

I did not recognize this one in ~ all, especially when I would complain to taxi vehicle drivers that they to be charging me as well much and they responded v this expression which really meant gain of the cab gringa.


This is used a lot of in Colombia and refers to once a person feels happy or comfortable in some location or situation.

Example: “Te veo muy amañado en la fiesta” o “te veo muy amañada en tu nueva casa” (EN) “I check out you very happy at the party” or “I view you an extremely happy in your brand-new home”

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Con mucho gusto

Another Colombian pleasantry which deserve to be confusing. While in every other country it way ‘nice to accomplish you’ I began hearing it below from waitresses and other company people when I thanked them.



Caliente does no only mean hot however it also method horny in Colombian slang. Ns learned this the hard means when mine dance partner did no realize i was saying ns was hot temperature wise.

Update: A kind friend just wrote me it was due to the fact that I said estoy cliente and no tengo calor. Lesson learned.

Hacer una vaca

Although this Colombian slang equates to make a cow. It is no quite far off.

The term “Hacer una vaca” or “Hagamos una vaca” describes collecting money amongst several civilization for a specific purpose.

Colombians carry out it a lot to buy food, for vacations, for parties, for birthdays, etc.

Example: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Let’s pool our money together to go on holidays for the weekend.


If you want to fit in you have to drop ‘si’ and start using regional speak.



Colombians love come marvel in ~ beauty and also bonita, hermosa, guapa and also preciosa weren’t cutting it; you’ll frequently hear them use lindo/linda come descibe nice things.


This can also mean “Monkey” however in Colombia is used more “mico o simio” to refer to a monkey.

Mono is supplied a lot to describe a blonde human (it is claimed with affection), so, if you room a foreigner and also blonde, you will certainly hear a lot the they contact you “Mono” or “Mona” if you space a woman.

Example: You’re in a store and they to speak “Que se le ofrece mono” “What can I execute for you, blondie?


All means to speak something is cool although reportedly chimba trumps chevre the same means awesome trumps cool.

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But be careful due to the fact that chimba also refers come female genitalia – although somewhat nice to see they at the very least appropriated that in a optimistic light.



It is supplied to refer to someone who is a very good friend, that is like a brother and who is always in the great times and also bad.

In Colombia friends likewise become component of the family, back in Colombia they are also really friendly and also they use parcero to be more friendly and to go into in confidence.


Like our shortened expression in English ‘por favor’ is too lot for many Colombians so it’s end up being porva. This to be the just slang the annoyed me as I might not discover the verb in any type of dictionary.

Once ns mastered these ns really felt prefer I had taken mine Spanish come a new level, that course the is today yet tomorrow I’ll it is in in Ecuador and there might be a wholenew batch of expressions to learn.


This term deserve to refer come an object, situation or action. Because that example: “¡Que problema con esa vaina!” or “Se dañó esa vaina…”.

The English translation is “What a problem with the thing!” or “That point is damaged!…”

Qué pena

It is offered a lot come ask for forgiveness or also to ask because that permission to open a space for girlfriend while girlfriend pass through the crowd.

Example: you’re go by and you bump right into someone, girlfriend say, “Que pena amigo ¿te lastime?” (I’m sorry, did i hurt you?”) … or you need to pass with the crowd and also say, “Que pena que pena” (Excuse me, excuse me) and also they automatically know castle must provide you permission.

It’s such a common Colombian slang that J. Balvin and Maluma, both from Medellin, have the song Que Pena.


It is another way of referring to a woman.

In Spanish it means that the woman is old, however in Colombia the is supplied to describe a woman, even if she is young.

Example: Mira esta vieja tan buena…(EN) Look at this hot girl.

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One of the ideal things about traveling in this nation is trying the food, especially Colombian desserts.

Many the which have the right to be an extremely sweet, so they are stated to be hostigantes.

Example: Ese arroz con leche es muy hostigante. (EN) the rice pudding is really sweet.



In Latin America Chino is often described for a human coming native China. Yet in Colombian slang children are referred to as “Chino” or girl “China”.

Example: Ese chino se puso a llorar otra vez. (EN) That boy started crying again.


In Spanish it additionally normally describes the animal you find in the desert through 2 humps.

In Colombia words “Camello” is used to describe work. Example: Al fin me salió camello enseñando inglés en una universidad. (EN) I finally got a project teaching English at a university.

And in reality it method hump day, makes so much an ext sense with Colombian slang.


It is used versus someone that is very tired or insistent.

Example: Este intenso no deja de llamarme. (EN) This annoying male keeps call me.



It is a word the is claimed to someone who is badly dressed, badly talked and looks disheveled, this indigenous is the convulsion of “Compañero”.

Example: Que male tan ñero…(EN) What a scruffy man.


It refers only to the act of having actually sex, in other countries it is provided to follar, coger, etc.

In Colombia they use culear, although it is not an extremely nice come say. Comparable to f*ck, it’s good to know but perhaps use it only amongst friends.


Sapo is stated to any kind of meddlesome person.

It sound pretty ugly when someone calls girlfriend “Sapo”, so you understand that, if who calls you a “Sapo”, they probably don’t want you there.

Example: Que male tan sapo…(En) just how nosy you are.


Qué maricada

It is used to refer to something ridiculous, stupid or no worthwhile.

For example: ¿Está llorando por eso? Qué maricada. (EN) are you crying about it? That’s stupid.


A “Pichurria” is something the is no worthwhile, that is insignificant.

Example: Que regalo tan pichurria o que guy tan pichurria. (En) What a boring gift or That guy is a item of shit.



“¡Buenas!” is the most common means of greeting as soon as you arrive at a place in Colombia.

Buenas is an abbreviated version of Buenos dias/Buenas tardes/ Buenas noches, in Colombia you merely say “Buenas!”

It is valid because that the day, the afternoon or the night. They will certainly probably additionally answer ago with a “Buenas!

Cómo van las cosas

This kind of greeting literally method “How space things going”, it can be provided through phone call conversation, WhatsApp or in person.

It’s a good way to begin a conversation because the same concern invites you come tell several things about what has currently happened.


Colombian Compliments

Colombian guys are world who don’t mental admiring a woman’s beauty and also letting her know it very loudy.

Just together there room compliments that might not be together good, some of them make ladies smile, either due to the fact that it is funny or because the woman is yes, really flattered.

If you’re a woman traveling in Colombia it’s best to know what people are catcalling.

De qué juguetería te escapaste muñeca? i m sorry is interpreted into English as, “What toy walk you run away from, doll?”.

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Qué hace una estrella volando tan bajito? Which converts to, “What is a star doing paris so low?”Quién fuera bizco para verte dos veces. Interpreted into English as “Who would certainly be cross-eyed to watch you twice”.Si eres casada, no dare preocupes… No soy celoso! In English it would certainly be other like, “If you’re married, don’t worry… I’m no jealous!”