I will soon be visiting research study laboratories in Japan and meeting v the professors in charge.

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The english website plainly lists their position as "professor" and not "teacher".

Of course, the straight translation of professor is 教授, yet I am unsure whether 先生 would be a better (more natural) term come use as soon as talking come them. Together in X-先生 or X-教授 wherein X is the professor"s critical name.


When talking directly to your teachers, friend can practically always stick to ~先生 and also be safe, regardless of your positions (教授, 講師, 助教, ...). In general, ~教授 is used only as soon as referring to them in the third person. This is in contrast to exclusive companies, whereby 部長 have the right to be called (X-)部長, etc.

But relying on the college you visit, there might be rare regional rules. Because that example, in Keio University, all the teacher seem to be addressed using ~君 at the very least in official ceremonies and also official documents.


I cannot comment because I don"t have 50pts but I am a Keio student and also everybody use 先生の苗字-先生 and never 先生の苗字-君.

An advice: Don"t ever before use くん as a suffix. Use everytime 先生.


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