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How to say goodnight in SpanishSaying “good night” in Spanish is as straightforward as “buenas noches”. Noches is “nights”, and also since it is a feminine noun, you need to say “buenas” and not “buenos”. This is among the easiest ways for a beginner come wish somebody a good night in Spanish, since there room no verbs and also thus no conjugation involved. If you want to get fancy, you deserve to say “que tengas buenas noches”, which offered the good-bye conjugation that the verb “tener”, which is rather a little trickier. But “buenas noches” will additionally do just fine, and also this is so typical that nobody will think any type of less that you for saying that simply.This no only way the type of “good night” that you might say to a son after tucking lock in, but likewise the sort of “good evening” that you can say together a greeting when you encounter a friend or acquaintance later on in the day. The can also be used for virtually anyone girlfriend encounter, so girlfriend don’t have to concern about changing it up because that formal/informal (usted/tu) or anything. Feel cost-free to speak it to friends or household or coworkers or acquaintances or bosses or digital strangers.Strangely enough, friend still would certainly say buenas tardes (“good afternoon”) to someone until even 7 or 8pm. This is probably due to a express night owl culture in numerous Spanish speak countries. The not unusual for young people to have actually a so late dinner, leaving the house roughly midnight to go to the bar, and also hit the clubs approximately 2-3am. Once I was examining abroad in Spain, ns would frequently see human being coming house from the clubs in ~ 6 or 7 am, as soon as I to be on my means to course or leaving to catch a flight. (Occasionally, ns was the person dragging myself home). Additionally, because of the siesta, or nap bring away in the middle of the day, the work-related day itself deserve to last native 8 in the morning to virtually 8 at night. So, the concept of “afternoon” is a little bit various in Spanish than exactly how we think of it in English.“I’m hitting the hay” or “I’m hitting the sack” room English colloquialisms that don’t specifically have any type of literal Spanish equivalent.While “buenas noches” is unarguably the #1 most common method to say goodnight in Spanish (and in almost every dialect!), we have learned that Spanish is a very expressive language with countless different ways to say that you mean.

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Right here are some an ext ways to say “goodnight” in Spanish:

25 methods to to speak "goodnight" in Spanish

EnglishSpanishGood nightBuenas noches (after roughly 8pm)Good night (late afternoon)Buenas tardes (up until roughly 8pm)Rest wellDescansaSleep tightSueño profundo (less common)Sleep wellDuermas bienSweet dreamsDuelces sueñosHave sweet dreamsQue tengas duelces sueñosHave a good nightQue pase buenas nochesMay you have actually beautiful dreamsQue tengas lindos sueñosDream through angelsQue sueños con angelitosI hope you remainder wellQue descanses.Goodnight, sweet dreamsBuenas noches y dulces sueñosGo to bed!¡Acostarse!I expect you sleep prefer a princessQue duermas como una princesaI expect you sleep wellQue duerma bienI will dream about you tonightEsta noche soñaré contigoI’m off to the run of the white sheetsMe voy al baile de ras sábanas blancasI’m off to the envelopeMe voy al sobreIt"s bedtimeEs hora de acostarseLet´s counting sheepVamos a contar ovejitasMay God bless her sleepQue Dios bendiga tu sueñoSee girlfriend tomorrow¡Hasta mañana!This doll is walk to change its display screen caseEste muñeco se cambia de aparadorThis small teddy bear is going earlier into that boxEste osito de peluche se va para su estucheYou must restHay que descansar
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