Is over there a feminine form of the word "captain" in French? The noun in French is masculine but ends in an "e": "capitaine". Have the right to one say, "Ma Capitaine" once addressing a mrs captain?

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Permalink answer by pascal on in march 30, 2010 in ~ 11:32pm
"ma capitaine" don"t exist. Over there is no feminine form of the word "capitaine" in french, so you have to say "mon capitaine" for a mrs too.

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Permalink answer by Neil Coffey on in march 31, 2010 at 3:18am
I think capitaine fits right into a group of words the isn"t typically feminised, but sometimes is by part speakers (perhaps as part of current attempts to deliberately feminse details traditionally masculine project titles in the name of political correctness).
EducatorPermalink reply by stu harris on march 31, 2010 in ~ 3:53pm
I can cite another one, which has its droll side. The mayor of a village or arrondissement was traditionally addressed together Monsieur Le Maire
, "maire" being a woman noun and the holders of that position constantly men until at least the "50s or "60s. Therefore what to do as soon as women began being chosen maire? One town I recognize well wrestled through the grammatical difficulty posed through Madame Le Maire, and finally came up v the title Madame Monsieur Le Maire. Why they believed this was any less the a solecism is certainly past me!
Permalink reply by Neil Coffey on in march 31, 2010 at 5:24pm
lol correctly there room a couple of like this that essentially don"t have any type of well-recognised feminine. An additional interesting one is proviseur ("lycée principal"), due to the fact that it"s probably not so uncommon for a highschool headteacher to be a woman, but they would certainly be adressed as Madame le proviseur.

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Permalink reply by Jackie ~ above April 1, 2010 at 4:17am
Thanks to every one of you. It"s amazing that even French speakers have the exact same problem. However if even cars and tables have actually genders assigned come them, ns guess ns shouldn"t worry about peoples" titles.
Interestingly enough, there appears to it is in no problem in referring to la capitaine the a sports team. The sporting people is much less macho 보다 I thought!