ns looked at Natura Artis Magistra ("nature is art"s teacher"), so ns think mens artis is the exactly translation that "Art"s Mind".How to interpret "Art"s Mind" (with art in the sense above) come dearteassociazione.org?



You"re right, mens artis is "the psychic of art".Depending on how you desire to use it, you could want a different kind of mens.If it"s a motto or a name, mens artis is perfect.If there"s much more context, that might change things.For example, "for the mental of art" would be menti artis.

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If you desire something that sounds different from "men"s" yet it"s a name, friend should choose a different word quite than a different type of mens.The various forms mean various things "me", "I", and "my".One alternative is animus, which is an ext spirit than mind.


Another alternative would it is in anima artis (the heart of art), depending upon the the shade of an interpretation you want.

If you want to leverage old associations in between the mind and also the chest or heart, you can go through pectus artis or cor artis. These would certainly sound a bit anachronistic but also much more poetic than your various other options.

One point I would continue to be away from is intellectus artis. Due to the fact that while intellectus can mean "intellect" (cf. intellectus agens), when used with artis the much more natural sense is "the meaning of art" (since that analysis doesn"t require a personification of art).


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