A brief chronicle that the "inevitable" loss of Wikipedia. Composed in beforehand 2007. (No, ns don"t think it"s in reality going to happen - however I thought it to be amusing enough...)

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Step one, you speak I need a talkI balk, friend say, relax, it"s simply a speak pagePeople come to see my fateSoon they"re engrossed in the debateSome kind of design template on my rightDoesn"t adequately resources citeSome sysops insurance claim that it"s to be fakedAnd every this suggesting is for this reason half-bakedWhere did ns go wrong, they need to amendMy faults and make all the reverting endHow will certainly this all end, will I be aFailure of WikipediaDoes notability apply,or am I too obscure for this, and why?As the talk page grows for this reason muchI gain locked so ns won"t be touchedAs an ext join in, it just gets worseI"m at the center of the universeThe whole world sees and hears meThe whole human being sees and hears meWhere did i go wrong, they must amendMy faults and make the media fist endHow will this all end, will certainly I be aFailure the WikipediaWell, if ns were just any type of pageI"d it is in amended without any type of rageBut gift the accuse themselvesI can"t it is in thrown earlier to the shelvesAs the foundation crumbles nowPeople say that they knew howThere was no hope because that stabilityAnd I start to fade from memoryWhere did i go wrong, they should amendMy faults, and also resurrect and also defendThis for which we"ve fought, i won"t be theFailure the WikipediaWhere did i go wrong, the civilization leftI"m left to mope and also be quite bereftNow it"s clear why they said there"d it is in a fail in WikipediaWikipediaWhere did i go werong, I shed supportWhen one tiny talk page here did distortI only exist currently to it is in thereFailure called Wikipedia
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