I got a PS2 a few years earlier from a friend ns am no longer in contact with. I'm do the efforts to change the parental lock to it is in nonexistant. Yet the Parental Controls section of the setup is white instead of blue when I relocate over it. Ns can't choose it. Deserve to someone you re welcome help? i tried preventing the movie to no avail. I don't understand if i did the wrong or what.

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Damn. Ns didn't even know the PS2 had actually parental controls. You could pull the end the CMOS (clock) battery prefer the u/GnrySgtRageman said. It's really straightforward if you have a slim and also a little bit trickier with a fat.

As who who occasionally repairs my very own electronics, the PS2 to be the first thing I ever opened up and also worked on, and also it's pretty easy.

I just saw this post, for this reason I'll repeat what I said here:

Some options are only easily accessible in the DVD player if the bowl is no playing, so shot stopping the DVD playback to permit the settings options that girlfriend can't access. Here's the relevant part of the hands-on for just how to remove the Parental Controls:

Start a DVD and also then protect against playback. (Clear Resume Play. Usage a DVD without the Parental control feature).

At the regulate Panel, select and also then push the ✕ button.

Select "Parental Control" and also then press the ✕ button. (The screen to go into a password is displayed. If the display to it is registered a password is displayed, no password has been registered before. In this case, register a brand-new password).

Press the pick button. (The display to clean the password is displayed).

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Enter the number "7444". (The registered password is cleared, and also the display for registering a password is displayed. Go into a brand-new password).


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