This FAQ explains how the immobilizer system works, how to replace asmart an essential in her VW or Audi remote, and also troubleshooting procedures for the immoor bypass - delete the system.

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The immobilizer is a theft deterrent system located in the instrumentcluster, the main auto computer, a radio frequency to know (RFID) transponder chip in the VW or Audi clever key, and also an antennaat theignition cylinder. Girlfriend cannot do an immobilizer bypass with normal "car theft" devices sodon"t stroked nerves asking. If your VW is 1999 or earlier and also sold in NorthAmerica, the shouldn"t have actually an immobilizer. If your automobile has theyellow car/key price on the instrument swarm (shown set off below) it has animmobilizer. This light comes on because that a second but quickly goes out when transforming the auto on and all is normal. Whenbuying or programming a new key, you should use a crucial that coincides to the sameimmobilizer generation and keyless entry form and sync it to the immobilizer.If you need a brand-new key, read the an introduction below and refer to the detailedinstructions in ~ 1000q: mk4 an essential programming or 1000q:mk5 key/remote FAQ. If you have actually an Audi A3, the steps in VW mk5mostly apply. If you have a mk3 VW friend don"t have an immobilizer buthere"s 1000q: mk3 an essential programming FAQanyways. Audi have actually the exact same immobilizer systems but in differentgenerations 보다 VW therefore the same basic proceduresapply.

The main symptom the a faulty mechanism or activated immobilizer is the the engine shuts off aftera 2nd or the yellow car/key price on the dashboard flashes. A an extremely low carbattery or automobile battery removal could likewise cause the immobilizer to becomeactive. On rarely occasions it"s triggered for unknown reasons, watch the remainder of this page for troubleshooting. Below is a video clip demo the the immobilizer shutting turn off the engine. If that doesn"t look choose this it"s no the immobilizer. View the starter troubleshooting pages.

The immobilizer chip has actually a variety of about 1" through plastic and also about3" when out that the vital (bare chip). Although the computer constantly monitors ifthe chip is exactly or not, that won"t shut off the engine ~ the first fewseconds the the auto engine starting. I"m almost certain that that won"t closeup of the door offthe engine if the chip signal is interrupted after a few minutes. (I didn"t wantto test it through driving roughly without the chip signal). If you desire to bevery careful, don"t let the an essential get exposed to high toughness microwaves.Standing alongside a microwave won"t execute anything but putting the crucial into amicrowave will damages the chip. One pretty thingabout the immobilizer system is that if a crucial is stolen/lost, having the keysreset through the dealer or someone v the correct crucial matching tools will preventthe lost key from operating the automobile as normal. After the keys are reset,the old metal key can still open up the doors and also start the engine however the immobilizer won"t allow the enginerun for much more than 1 second. Because of this, as soon as you reset the immobilizer, all keys must be present or rather the old ones won"t work as plan anymore.


The very first step in gaining a brand-new Audi or VW Smart an essential / remote key fob

The remote/key has actually 3 components: the keyless entry half,the steel flip key, and the immobilizer chip. The immobilizer chip isglued in the flip key half and can not be purchased indigenous VW separately. Each have to be correct because that theSmart an essential to work-related as intended. For example, even if you buy a reduced key, theunprogrammed immobilizer chip will certainly shut the engine off after a second. Theimmobilizer has actually nothing to execute with unlocking the doors, the alarm, or thestarter - that still allows you start the engine however if it"s not

programmed the willshut the engineoff.

-If the automobile has no immobilizer you can program the keyless entryyourself and have a new crucial cut anywhere which go a "reversecut" next milled crucial found ~ above VW - Audi. Again, if yourinstrument cluster doesn"t have the yellow car/key symbol girlfriend don"t haveimmobilizer.

-If the automobile has an immobilizer and you have actually an existing broken key (brokenremote or upper and lower reversal key), eliminate the immobilizer chip native the old crucial and swapit into another brand-new or used crucial to prevent the immobilizer from acting up. The chip looks choose a tiny grain ofrice, pictured right and also below. Then you have the right to program the keyless entryyourself. If you require a brand-new metal key, simply take the key apart andswap the bad switchblade key with a brand-new cut one. You can cut the brand-new metal key anywherewhich does side mill/reverse cut/laser cut VW - Audi sidewinder keys.-If the automobile has an immobilizer and you don"t have actually an old key come salvagethe chip the end of, you have to read the note below around the SKC code and keyvariations.The vital disassembled - as you deserve to see, the immobilizer chip (white arrow) uses no battery -it"s an RFID chip energized by the pick up antenna top top the ignition coil.


for generation specific information on keys including how to take themapart, check out the web links below. Audi followed various generations however thearticles will occupational for them.mk3: 1000q: Jetta and passat crucial info(non immobilizer)mk4: 1000q: VW Jetta crucial replacement, Golf,Passat, and new Beetle details (some have actually immo)mk5: 1000q: mk5 and also mk6 Jetta and Golf smart keyreplacement (all have actually immo 4)

How to usage a far starter with an immobilizer fitted car

Remote starters still need a valid immobilizer signal as with a regularkey. If you buy a far starter system, make certain it has actually the relay signalbox approved for VW/Audi signals. You must ar the vital or simply the halfwith the chip inside the relay box. The relay crate is then hidden somewherein the car. When you use the remote starter, it relays the immobilizersignal inside the hidden box to the antenna about the ignition cylinder ringand works prefer OEM.

How the immobilizer works and also immobilizer distinctions by year

If you have the yellow car symbol pictured in ~ the top on the tool cluster,you have an immobilizer. When you rotate the car on, the antenna approximately the ignition move induces a voltage in the RFID transponder chip. When the an essential is recognized, the immobilizer module, component of the instrument cluster, sends a random number come the key. The module and vital both do a basic calculation and if lock match, typical engine beginning is allowed. Immo 3 likewise tells the ECU to execute a calculation. Since of this, you can swap ECU top top immo2 cars yet not immo3 or above.

The threemain varieties of VW TDI immobilizer room immo2, immo3, and also immo4. VWup come 1999 don"t have animmobilizer due to the fact that immo generation 1 was no equipped on Volkswagen offered in north America. 1999-2000 should have immo2. 2001-2005/6 usage immo3. 2005/6-present use Immo4. Around 2010, VW keys readjusted their design even though they still usage immo4. Together of this writing, immo5 isonly uncovered on the newest Audi. Immo2,3, 4, and also 5 keys are no compatible. In various other words, if you havean immo2 car, you can only use an immo2 key because the chip is different.

Immo 4 provides no module - the immobilizer is a function built right into multiple parts.

As late as 2001, over there were part B5 Passat the didn"thave any type of immobilizer. All Jetta, Golf, and Beetle definitely had them by thispoint.

Cabrio and Eurovans have no immobilizer warning light and the immobilizer module is different from the tool cluster.

-If you have actually no immo - you deserve to swap keys, ECUs, and also instrumentclusters without any type of special programming. This assumes that the partnumbers and software coding (settings) room the same.

-If you have actually immo2 - you require the SKC to usage a new an essential or tool clusterbut you have the right to swap the ECU without any type of special programming. It has actually an emergency drive function that will certainly let you drive to thedealership or mechanic for them come fix however you must know the SKC code. Youcan buy a used crucial and that will work if girlfriend reprogram the immobilizer chipusing the SKC.

-If you have immo3 - you need SKC to usage a new key, tool cluster, or ECU.You cannot use used secrets from another car due to the fact that the immobilizer chip have the right to only beset when to a automobile (unless friend swap out the chip with your present one). Again, the chip-key fifty percent is different from the remote keyless entry half.

-If you have actually immo4 - discovered on mk5 and also mk6 Volkswagens and newer Audi. You require SKC to usage a new key, tool cluster, or ECU.You cannot usage used keys from an additional car due to the fact that the immobilizer chip can only it is in setonce to a automobile (unless you swap the end the chip v your existing one). Same restrictions as immo3.

-Immo5 - found on 8T generation Audi A4 (2007/2008+) and 8k generation AudiA5 (2007+).

The cheapest way to gain a replacement VW or Audi smart key

Because the the sports in develop dates,immobilizer generations, and also remote compatibility, the easiest method to gain a replacement key is indigenous the dealer. Dealers space expensive yet they can match the crucial to thecar and also if it"s the wrong component they"ll take it it back. If you buy anebay replacement an essential for one immobilizer vehicle you have to figure out exactly how toprogram the immobilizer, if your auto was a transition year, and also there room norefunds as soon as you cut a key.

The cheapest method to get a new crucial from the dealer isto to buy a cut an essential from an virtual OEM components dealership and also take it to the regional dealer because that programming.The online dealership can cut it if they have actually your VIN number. Nevertheless of the variety of keys, they generally charge for 1 hour eventhough that really just takes 10-15 minute of really work. If they charge you because that 1/2 hour, it"s really fair. Thesmart crucial immobilizer have to be programmed in person with who who has accessto the SKC. The part numbers listed below are just aguide, double check the correct part number with your components vendor, this websiteis not responsible if friend order the not correct key!

The pure cheapest method to get a new key is come buy the programming devices yourself, purchase a cut key online, and also when you"re done, resell the programming tools. The intial investment in the devices isn"t cheap and most people end up maintaining their VCDS tool since it"s therefore useful. If you can acquire the dealer to just charge a fifty percent hour because that programming, the is the cheaer route.

NOTE: The newest keys 2007+ on some VW models and also all 2010+ keys use added encryption on the immobilizer chips. As of this writing, there room no aftermarket devices to routine the immobilizer vital yourself. In this situation you have to go come the dealer. Technically speaking, you can use a standard locksmith as a result of a class action lawsuit around smart keys however these committed shops are few and difficult to find. Because of the expensive devices they have to rent from VW, they"re usually not any cheaper 보다 the dealership.

-If you have actually a auto with construct date 10/00- 05/01 (about design year2000-2002), you probably have the remote the looks choose #1, itshould it is in VW# 1j0 959 753t.-If you have actually a vehicle built after 05/01 (about model year 2001-2002), youshould have actually remote #2, it is either VW# 1j0 959 753 am or 1j0 959 753 dc-If you have actually an mk5 body VW up to aroud 2006-2007, you have actually immo4, your Jetta far is either VW#1j0 959 753p, or 1k0 959 753h.

-If you have actually a mk5-mk6 human body VW 2010+ your vital is a brand-new style and you can"t do lot with them since there are no aftermarket tools to acquire the SKC. Go to the dealer.

How come disable or bypass the immobilizer system in her VW or Audi

Long story short, you have to bench speed the ECU with new programming to completely delete theimmobilizer system. The immo light will still blink yet the vehicle will always start.. If you have actually an immo2 car and also know the SKC code you deserve to do anemergency bypass so the you have the right to drive to the dealer. Friend can also order bypass box online. I"ve never used one since I"ve never had to and they space reported to be buggy/not always work. Ifit was too easy and fast to bypass the wouldn"t be a an extremely effective anti theft device, would it?

If you wish to eliminate the immobilizer duty from the automobile you can only perform this v a committed chip tune. This requires you to remove the ECU native the car and ship it to either KermaTDI or Malone Tuning where it"s bench flashed and also rewritten. As soon as seeking an immobilizer delete, make sure to include any type of requested ownership info to verify the status of the car. Together a bonus, castle can likewise do a strength upgrade in ~ the exact same time.

Problems that are NOT related or caused by the immobilizer system

-If the starter go not connect or the engine does no "turn over" atall, this is no an immobilizer problem.You probably have an ignition switch or starter problem. For mk3 and also mk4 cars, check out 1000q: starter FAQ and troubleshooting.For mk4 Passat, watch 1000q: B5 Passat starter fix.For mk5 Jetta or Golf, view 1000q: mk5 starter.

-If your car shuts off much more than 3 seconds after engine start it has actually nothingto carry out with the immobilizer. The immobilizer shuts the engine off in the 1st second.

-The chip inside the an essential does not have actually a battery or other internalelectricity source. It"s one RFID chip and also is "excited" bythe antenna about the ignition switch. Shower the vital or changing the remotefob"s batterywill not fix any kind of problem with the immobilizer. Simply look at the pictures over - there room no batteries because that the immobilizer chip.-The immobilizer system has actually nothing to perform with opening or unlocking the doors. Theimmobilizer will not be activated by the alarm device - the alarm device affects the starter. The immobilizer"s ONLY action isallowing the engine to stay running a 2nd after starting it.-It has actually nothing to carry out with the strength of the car. If your automobile haspoor power or fuel economy, it has actually nothing to do with the immobilizer.See1000q: limp mode for the TDI and 1000q:constant low power or can"t rev for more details.More thorough information below is separated right into immo-2 and also immo-3 sectionsbecause they have various procedures. I"m working on one immo-4 section,please refer to immo-3 and also your bentley hands-on for now. Remember, to workwith the immobilizer, friend MUST have actually a vag-com/VCDS tool. Friend cannot use ageneric code scanner, you should use a VCDS cable. You can only use anemergency begin without a VCDS and also even climate you must understand the SKC code.

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Secret crucial Code (SKC) info - friend MUST have actually the SKC to occupational with theimmobilizer!

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Advanced troubleshooting procedures

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Model certain procedures and also differences betweenimmobilizer systems

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