Do you understand what the booster does? Essentially, the a complicated mechanism that renders it less complicated for the driver to hit the brakes. The booster achieves that by to reduce the vital pedal press for successful braking. For that, it uses a vacuum pump or “borrows” the vacuum from the motor’s intake. There is no the brake booster, you could not be able to stop the automobile in time.

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So, if girlfriend feel prefer it takes you a lot much more effort come hit the pedal and also engage the brakes, many likely, you’re managing a negative brake booster. A brand-new unit will price 70-80 us dollars, or even less. And in this guide, we’ll understand the art of brake booster replacement on a Chevrolet vehicle. Let’s get to it!

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Common symptoms of a negative Brake Booster

Before moving on to the meat and potatoes, I want you to take a quick look in ~ the most usual side effects of a faulty booster:

Tough braking v no braking assistLonger preventing distancePower steering liquid leakageHissing, rattling noiseA warning irradiate on the dashboard

If she experiencing any of these brake booster symptoms, it would be wise to avoid the Chevy in a safe spot and run a complete check. Or, far better yet, contact a tow car to take it you to the closest auto shop.

Removing the stock Brake Booster

Grab her favorite flashlight and point it in the direction of the area wherein the brake pedal is. You’ll see four bolts/studs with lock nuts ~ above them; they’ll probably be covered by cushioning. The one in the peak right edge might be tricky come reach: I provided a 15mm swivel socket through an expansion for this. The bolts in the height left corner and at the bottom i will not ~ be tough to remove. Perform remember around the insulation, though.

The following step is to remove the small clip that’s holding the brake switch. It’s gonna be a bit difficult to take off: moving it around and also prying in ~ it with a little screwdriver must do the trick. So, now that yes nothing keeping the manufacturing facility booster in place, go ahead and also remove it.

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Installing an Aftermarket Booster

Alright, we’re practically done with this just how to change brake booster Chevrolet guide. Every that’s left to carry out is repeat whatever we just did in reverse. Put the brand-new booster in and also make sure the studs (four in total) space in perfect alignment through the mounting spots. Next, placed the brake pedal on, on slide the brake switch, and “stick” the clip on. The nuts ~ above the studs have to be tightened from the various other side, of food (the cabin).

And perform keep your eyes ~ above the wires/cables in Chevy’s hood. Make sure you nothing pinch anything, as that can cause you one huge headache in the future. Last, yet not least, reconnect the vacuum line and also check on the master brake cylinder: it requirements to it is in nice and also secure. If everything’s spring good, start the engine and also take the new brake booster because that a spin!