Like numerous owners that Ford Escapes from the early on to late 2000’s I found my interior doors falling losing the fabric (sometimes vinyl) inserts approximately the door handle. Ns searched around for straightforward fix, and also even tried spraying part adhesive in place and also tacking it back on, however that was no use. Here is how I finally solved this problem.

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1. Pull The Door Panel

Some world think this is pointless, however I favored being maybe to put the door panel on a table and working top top it level instead that vertically in place, however that is up to you. There are 4 screws that were holding on each door.

in the bottom the the door grip

behind the door handle

under a little cap where the door dashboard meets the dash

at the back of the door close come the latch

After removing this 4 screws, the door panel remover traction the door v no problem.2. Remove The fabric Or Vinyl Insert

2004 Ford to escape Door panel Without Insert This is the door dashboard without the insert. The lighter locations are currently mostly stripped the deteriorating foam. Use nylon brush to remove the rest.The difficulty with these inserts is the foam backing. When the insert starts acquiring old, the foam backing beginning to autumn apart and also separates from the cloth/vinyl face. To fix this problem it is important to remove all of the foam backing indigenous the insert. I uncovered that a nylon bristle brush to be perfect for removing the deteriorating foam.

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cleaned ford to escape door panels Door panel and also insert after scrubbing off the deteriorated foam

After scraping the foam off of the door panel, gently usage the nylon brush to scrape the foam off of the insert. Be careful not to stretch the insert due to the fact that it requirements to fit ago in the area perfectly to avoid wrinkles.

3. Adhesive The Insert ago In Place

I used some spray on adhesive from the auto parts store to extensively coat the door panel and also the insert. Ns waited about 30-45 secs to allow the adhesive begin to collection up, then smooth the insert back onto the door panel. ~ the insert is on, usage a tiny putty knife to tuck the insert back into the channel approximately where that goes.4. Placed It All earlier Together

After the glue has actually dried, it’s time to placed everything earlier together. Ns had an excellent success with this method, wherein as the times I used the adhesive on a flap of towel it would fall loosened within a few days.Of course I had actually to uncover a way to kill time while waiting on the glue to dry, so the can of yellow spray repaint I had picked up was put to use