Tools needed: 15mm socket and also ratchet small screwdriverStart through removing the accessory tray: remove Matt eliminate “thumb” screws after ~ removing screws simply lift out containerRemove the aft 4 10x1.5mm hex bolts (silver) using 15mm ratchet.

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***Raise the seatsRemove 3 accessibility covers and 3 forward retaining bolts bolt eliminate I replaced the covers***Lower the seatsHave your screwdriver handy and also roll the seat section up the electrical connection lifting the tab with screwdriver every set! eliminate the chair assembly will certainly be adding a ideal deck v spacers I’ll add to this postJust remember come bag your bolts and wrap the seats for storage...For currently a weathertech insert functions fine
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Impressive. Nice job-related and an excellent pics. Currently you almost have as lot room together a little minivan! ;-)Sent from my iPhone making use of Tapatalk

interesting. Not sure I am ready to remove my rear seat yet would like to flatten the rear cargo area. It seems to me the the under cover storage are is around useless for anything othern 보다 stashing a couple of pizza boxes and also that it slopes to the behind hatch. Deserve to you simply remove the storage area and be left with what looks like a finished flat floor???

My greatest hassle to be the slope aft, not to cite the height. Was surprised how easy seat ar came out. Worth acquisition out because that day to day driving and also installing in the rare chance you need it. Just ordered the plywood to make a deck. I’ll article dimensions, bolt locations, spacer heights and also such.

Deck added, quick post will add much more legible size laterTools/equipment needed:3/8 plywood 48x40 inchT45 torq to eliminate seat belt retainer5/8 hole saw6 10x1.5x60mm boltsHot glue gun or twin sided tapeFender washers7/8 customs spacer material1/4 inch spacer material
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I offered a hot glue gun to secure the spacers. Double sided tape functions too. I supplied cut-offs indigenous a bushing job using a lathe and also some scrap teak.

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Ran outa time. To be summoned for a COSTCO runWant to use twin sided tape to seal the edgesPaint the hardware mat black