Believe it or not but Peanut butter is advantageous to remove hair extensions glue.

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You now deserve to remove it without using much strength. The trick right here is come ensure that you let the peanut butter sit on her hair long sufficient to be effective.


In instance of emergency, you deserve to use peanut butter as a substitute for oil. This an approach requires much more time than normal; it has to sit at least 30 minutes.

However, the peanut butter has natural oil that does the exact similar purpose prefer almond, olive oil deserve to when it involved loosen the extensions ‘glue.

In situation you’re afraid to eliminate hair expansions glue native hair in ~ home, us recommend letting your skilled hair stylist remove it for you.

The bottom line

As you have the right to tell, also if glue-ins hair extensions have some excellent advantages but it additionally comes through a particular caution.

You have to take every one of this into account when dealing with remove hair expansions glue from hair in ~ home.

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Hopefully, after reading our article about how to completely remove hair expansions glue in ~ home, you deserve to do it without much trouble.