I have actually a task tomorrow v a case I have actually not had actually the chance to take care of yet. The customer had a red ant problem and sprayed a pesticide maybe raid she trust on her vinyl siding. It"s been there for over 6 months and also looks and also feels choose oxidized aluminum siding. Here is a pic. Will I have a difficulty getting this off v my SH housewash mix. I likewise have part butyl degreasers and also aluminum gutter cleaners in other words gutter shock.

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I"m going to hope for the best, the feels prefer a chalky substance. My main worry was the the ingredients in the raid permanently damaged the siding. Ill take it an after picture if it comes off.

No after photos just since it did no budge. HD 80 appeared as if that was taking it off yet when the dried the was ago to square one. Magic eraser was torn apart come shreds ~ a couple of minutes of intake as well. This stuff is lethal. Give thanks to God i let the HO know before hand I have the right to not promise him the it will come off. He was an extremely respectful around the situation and also even provided me a financial tip because that trying to acquire it out with so many different techniques.

I had the same difficulty on a white vinyl house. Off bug spray to be sprayed on number of places. Tried everything, however nothing worked. SH would cause the discoloration to operation down the side choose it to be cleaning it but again it was back. Referred to as the 800 # ~ above the earlier of the Off have the right to for consumer help. To be told that the chemical bonded with the vinyl and an ext than most likely would never ever come out. Lock asked me if ns did find a means to remove it come please contact them ago and allow them understand so that they could inform various other customers with the problem. I have actually gone ago at different times to shot something else, the stains have lightened however still there.

Wow...that"s harsh. I never ever would have actually thought it can be so challenging to gain that ingredient off. Now I know.

Is the stain in a extremely visible part of the siding? clearly if friend painted one piece, it would look a different color since the bordering vinyl faded...so take a item from approximately back, put the item from around earlier where the one was, paint the stained piece, and also put the painted piece ago in the back of the house.

Try "Tagaway". It"ll destroy any kind of bond and also won"t injury the vinyl. I recently did the next of a vinyl house. The neighbour had rented an airless sprayer come stain his fence and also didn"t mask off properly and also covered the vinyl v tiny droplets that stain. This happened back in October 06 and also I take it it off in June 07 using Tagaway. If girlfriend have ever sprayed any kind of Raid on you yourself it feels sort of oily. That"s probably what the stain is, some sort of oil.

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Likely no link to think about breaking here. The carrier in the product melted and etched the vinyl with it"s oil shade is mine take. Anything ya carry out to it probably just be doing an ext damage but I tho (with disclaimer) would have tried tsp and also then oxalic to bleach it. Can work it right into being an ext of a white etched look than an oily look. Part butyl can blend it but note the it deserve to swell vinyl.

Was it mentioned how long earlier the raid to be applied?.. Probably some time and also oxidation will blend the in since you cleaned it. Did ns say this are just idle thoughts?.. Ns really think if Magic Eraser didn"t touch it then it"s done..