Tumblr"s questioning feature permits your blog reader to send questions and comments straight to her Tumblr mailbox, wherein you can respond to them one of two people publicly or privately. However, readers might not understand this feature is accessible unless you administer a connect to the Ask crate in your sidebar. Girlfriend can add the link manually, or you have the right to use Tumblr"s "Add a Page" function to develop the attach automatically.

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Create connect Manually

Go to your Tumblr dashboard and also click "Customize" to open up your theme setups page.

Click within the description box in the left pane in ~ the suggest where you want the attach to show up in your sidebar.

Enter the following line the code: questioning Me Anything change "Ask Me Anything" if you prefer to use another word or expression for the link.

Click "Save" and also then "Exit."

Create attach Automatically

Go to your Tumblr dashboard and also click "Customize" to open up your theme settings page.

Scroll come the bottom the the left pane, and also then click "Add a Page" to open up a page development window.

Change the URL in the brand-new window to "username.tumblr.com/ask". Use your own Tumblr username instead of "username."

Enter a page title such as "Ask Me Anything." What you go into here appears as a link on your sidebar.

Enter anything in the description field -- it doesn"t display up on her Ask page, yet Tumblr won"t let you proceed until you go into something.

Move the toggle switch at the top of the window to the right. This speak Tumblr to include the web page title together a connect in the sidebar.

Click "Save," and then departure the customization page. The link to your Ask page appears in the sidebar together with links to any kind of other pages you create.


Before readers deserve to submit questions, you must allow the Ask attribute in her blog settings. To permit the feature, click the equipment icon on her dashboard and select the name of her blog. Examine the box alongside "Let world Ask Questions," and also check "Allow cotton Questions" if you want to enable this option. Click "Save" once done.

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