A farm yard worker ran my 6x4 diesel dry. After ~ refueling, pour it until it is full the fuel filter key full and pressing the bar on the fuel transport pump hundreds of times, it still will certainly not start. Clearly starved because that fuel. What else have the right to I do? The technical hands-on says that the system is me priming yet the lever deserve to be used to fill the bowl. I feel no resistance in the lever also after pumping end 200 times. Any type of suggestions to get this infant going?Thanks because that you help.KDOregon
Loosen a couple injector present and try cranking till fuel comes the end of the connection. When I speak loosen, just loosen a revolve or turn and also a half. They will blow air climate bubble a little fuel when fuel comes out tighten them ago down and also start it.

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Apparently, running the tank dry suck up every kinds that gunk. The filter was totally clogged,covered in goo. Now, after instead of the filter ns now have zero fuel at the injectors. Loosening the injectors and cranking endlessly has actually done nothing.Is there a fuel screen/filter in ~ the tank supply line?Thanks againKDOregon
I wouldn't think there would certainly be a strainer or screen in the tank yet could be ns guess. Is your supply pump running? That can of scorched up the it is provided pump.
Does the fuel bowl obtain filled by heaviness or is the pump sucking fuel out of the tank? Either way is the fuel key filled with fuel? go you remove the tank and also clean it? john Deere - Parts magazine John Deere - parts Catalog
Pull the heat in the tank. Ns can't psychic if over there is a display or not, however have had actually this problem before with one and also it to be plugged at the pickup.

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You could always just punch air ago through the fuel line right into the tank and see what is does. If it will fire up climate just adjust the fuel filter regularly
The fuel shutoff at the filter didn't acquire turned to off did it ?? Did that last time I changed mine , made it around 20 feet and then mental what I had actually done
I went ahead and also blew every the currently out, together a precautionary measure, however it still would not fire up. Dejected, ns abandoned the effort and left every little thing alone for the night, figuring I'd pull the tank later - 2 the the injectors were loose. Following morning, i turned the over and also it spit black smoke, then ns remembered that i left 2 injectors loose. Tightened castle up, fired it up and also it coughed & spit then ran smooth!!! i guess the bit around self bleeding is true, though ns don't recognize the mechanics behind it. Anyway, she runs currently - give thanks to you all for her wise counsel and advice.KDOregon
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