I day-to-day get rubber bands, I collection them and also store the in one of shelves so the I can use them later.

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At specific times, once I need it because that use, they would certainly have changed their type to a sticky- type band which makes me litter the whole collection to waste pit. When widened, they will certainly break up.

Ultimately, ns will need to go for other means. Is there any type of hack to prevent this so that I can start stocking that again?

Office function rubber tape I mentioned is this one:




Rubber-band gain sticky because they oxidize. A similar question to be asked top top physics:

Is over there any way to rise a rubber-bands lifetime?

It has actually a very an excellent answer, however to summary it: "Keep castle in a dark and also cool location (away from light and oxygen as much as possible)".



Rubber bands come to be brittle with age due no so lot to oxidation but rather come evaporation that volatiles in the rubber/plastic material they space made of. This volatile components of your plastic/rubber materials are what keep them soft and flexible, and also the lose of them causes them to become stiff and break together they age.

Keeping rubber bands in unopened or otherwise airtight packaging and also then save on computer the package in cool areas will slow this evaporation and thus aging/brittleness. This is why rubber bands don"t normally go bad in their initial package however do so when stored loose after opening. You watch the same habits in the rubber (paper) pickup rollers inside laser printers which end up being less soft/flexible and also "sticky" to record over time inside a printer, however stay "fresh" because that years while sealed inside their initial packaging prior to installation.

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I have not tested this yet, yet sealing rubber bands inside an airtight freezer bag (with the air squeezed out) and then storing this in a freezer will most likely slow or stop any evaporation of this volatiles if lengthy term warehouse is desired. In general, cooler temperatures slow or stop plenty of chemical and physical processes, i m sorry is why freezers are great for food preservation.