so my computer system is pretty good, it deserve to all yet max out Max Payne 3, Mass effect 3 and plenty of various other games. Yet for some reason, even on the lowest setups (1280*800 resolution through everything collection to off or low) Prototype 2 tho lags a bunch.

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Machine Specs:

Twin HD 5770 in crossfire.Processor is quad core i54GB DDR2 ram (Maybe the is this?)SSD tough drive (but its running from a 7200rpm hard drive.)Any concepts on why i am seeing framerate issues?



There space some serious worries with the pc port the Prototype 2, native what I deserve to gather.

Most civilization who have actually complained about the game"s performance have actually been to run on ATI graphic - I"m not certain that 100% of the world having problems are ATI"ers, but from mine sample dimension of more than likely 20-30 people, I"ve discovered most nVidia graphics users to say "it operation great!" and also most ATI graphics individuals to speak "Wow, this stinks!"

I went v and collected and collated all the suggested solutions come the problem over here, on mine blog however the #1 thing that actually helped me was setting the processor affinity.

If ns use job Manager to force the processor affinity the prototype2.exe to only main point 0, the video game runs smoothly without issues. If i don"t, climate I get all kinds of performance concerns - occasionally the entry lags, frequently times the frame rate drops like a rock, etc.

If the doesn"t work, friend can shot some that the points that others suggested and had great luck with, yet that"s wherein I"d start.

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Now, let me tell you the factor why prototype 2 operation terrible. It is because it is terrible. Ns really do not prefer to rant, however honestly.. Prototype 2 is simply a destructive port.

I am to run the video game with the complying with specs:

Win7 64bit SP1 i5 2500k
3.3GHz Sapphire Radeon HD7970 16 GB lamb
802 MHz

And it"s running at ~45 FPS. And also ontop of that I even get lagspikes sometimes, wherein the game drops to about 25 FPS i beg your pardon is ridicilous.

To earlier this up also more, inspect out the review from Totalbiscuit, who is additionally complaining about the performance around the game here.

Sadly, all we can do is pray that they will sent some patches that improves performance, yet don"t counting on it.

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answered Aug 15 "12 in ~ 14:08

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Some people managed to acquire much higher FPS when HID is disabled in device Manager.

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Change your setups to switchable graphic and collection to high performance. I had the exact same issue however it run smooth now. Somehow enduro isn"t kicking in as soon as playing prototype for that part.

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