The Dominican Republic first came onto my radar in 2005. It was the country’s undervalued beachfront property that gained my attention earlier then.

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I was amongst the an initial to bright the irradiate on the DR for American home investors, yet its miles and miles that soft-sand beaches had actually been attracting foreign tourists and also European investors for decades prior to that. The French, especially, have been relocating to and investing in the Dominican Republic because that generations.

Today I want to focus your attention on the Dominican Republic in a bigger-picture way.

Now that I’ve gained to know it and I have, I believe this island country is as close to perfect as an offshore destination gets. It checks nearly every box on mine list.

I’d walk so far regarding describe it together the world’s ideal offshore haven.

Why The Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic’s economic climate has to be the fastest-growing in Latin America and the Caribbean in recent years. Indigenous 2010 to 2019, the economy grew an annual average of 5.8%.

As with most countries, the an international pandemic take it a toy fee on the economy of the DR, so expansion slowed v 2020. Many thanks to the return the tourism, a an increase of remittances indigenous the booming U.S. Economy, and rise in international investment, the economy conveniently gained track in 2021 and is set to prosper in comes years.

Much the the expansion the country has to be enjoying is thanks to numerous tourist dollars from north American and European travelers flocking to those sandy beaches i mentioned earlier in ever-growing numbers.

Alongside financial growth, the federal government has prioritized education, sponsoring literacy and vocational maintain programs for adults and also building thousands of new schools in current years.

“The current administration is working hard to acquire this country beyond developing–world status,” one neighborhood businessman freshly told me.

The country’s infrastructure has actually improved dramatically since my first visit. Today new highways connect most of the resort and beach areas. The colonial zone in Santo Domingo is enjoy it a facelift. New roads and also sidewalks room being built, and utility cables space being hidden underground.

Alamy/John walker This might be your 2nd home

Generally speaking, where you decide to settle in the world, gaining second citizenship takes time and/or money.

The cost of economic citizenship from Dominica (not come be puzzled with the Dominican Republic), for example, will certainly run you a minimum that US$100,000 to add fees for an individual and at the very least US$175,000 add to fees because that a couple.

Furthermore, Dominica is a budget choice. Economic citizenship choices in other countries can be significantly an ext costly.

If friend don’t have or no willing to spend the money to purchase 2nd citizenship, girlfriend will have to put in the time. Most nations require at least 5 years together a legal resident before you end up being eligible because that naturalization.

The Dominican Republic requires only three year of residency… and that deserve to be fast-tracked.

The Dominican Republic supplies ordinary and also fast-track residency options. The fast-track choices include residency v investment and also a program for retirees who have the right to prove US$1,500 a month in pension revenue or US$2,000 indigenous investment-derived income.

Obtain residency under a fast-track option, and your naturalization procedure can additionally be fast-tracked. You can start the application procedure for citizenship after simply six months of residency quite than waiting the standard 3 years. This way that friend can complete the naturalization procedure in 12 come 18 month from the time you achieve your residency. The speed of residency processing is repeatedly improving, as an ext staff are included to the department.

You can’t count on this in every case, however it deserve to be possible to have your residency map in as small as 45 days.

The invest-for-residency option requires an investment of US$200,000. However, unlike financial citizenship options in other nations where the “investment” is in fact, a donation come a local breakthrough fund, in the DR, you can choose to invest in genuine estate, a neighborhood business, or regional financial instruments. Save your US$200,000… plus associated investment profits.

The regulations, requirements, and also opportunities associated with qualifying because that residency and also a passport in the Dominican Republic are transforming in real-time together the government works aggressively to attract an ext foreign investment, an ext expats, and more retirees interested in life in the country.

Bottom line, this playing ar is continually an altering for the better.

I’ve regularly written end the past couple of years around real estate investment avenues in this country. Ns am as bullish as ever before on property sectors in the DR in general and in certain target regions in particular. I have been researching and also scouting and also intend to make a far-reaching investment in building here.

As v every country in the world, taxes in the Dominican Republic room complex. For your first three years of residency, you will certainly be taxed just on what you earn in the DR. After three years, you will certainly be taxed on international investment income. Non-residents room taxed on any kind of income earned in the country.

However, the taxation mechanism is versatile and couple of people in reality pay tax. The minimum you need to earn to be taxation within the nation is 416,220 Dominican pesos a year or a monthly value of 34,685 Dominican pesos. Click below for currency conversions in ~ today’s exchange. The price is 15% on any type of amount of earnings over the above amounts, and also if that goes as much as US$13,000 a year, you pay 20% on any amount over that.

Capital gains space taxed as continual income. The corporate tax rate is 27%, but, like individuals, DR service providers are taxed just on income earned in the country.

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The Dominican Republic has fewer banks and also more restricted private and also investment banking choices than the States. However, DR financial institutions are much more open to working with international (including American) clients.