Whether you’re decorating sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day, a baby shower, wedding or any kind of other event, this recipe will display you exactly how to do pink imperial icing in the exact color you desire – whether that’s irradiate pink, dark pink, hot pink or mauve pink.

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This year I’ve to be on a little of a mission.

To learn exactly how to decorate sugar cookies.

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Which way learning just how to make royal icing in various colors.

When ns started, i assumed that would be nice easy. How hard can it it is in to add a small food coloring to the icing?

Then ns realized, including the food colour isn’t the problem. Gaining the right color and right amount of food color is the issue!

So as soon as I began to decorate Valentine’s work cookies, I chose to test out the easiest way to make pale pink and dark pink royal icing.

And ended up learning exactly how to do hot pink and also mauve pink in the process