Yes, the new, huge feature coming in 1.26 is clothing. Obviously, garments will be combined with survival mechanics. The basic stuff, like armor (certain species of garments protecting versus hits) and temperature results on health and wellness (wearing thin apparel in the snow) have to be included. Suggestions for anything past that welcome!

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Suggestion: the player need to not have the ability to swim as long and sink quickly when idle in the water once wearing an ext armor..?


Of the object is clothing:-falling leaves, like they start to autumn immediately-falling dirt to add to the complexity of mining. You’ll understand when dust is stormy and around to loss when you see tiny specks the falling and you would have to make sustaining beams.-Water that accumulates from rain-plumbing-wheels to craft carts that might hold chests, it is in slept in, and horse drawn. Like those in old west movies. This means you deserve to go adventuring for a long time like a nomad


Can make part envirmental changes? I desire to be able to explore and never k know what come expect, i remember a whily ago you were including random produced structures and was talking around adding more


Armor have to only be made native cover and iron. Diamond armor is stupid. Apparel is better, and also I like the idea of apparel with various qualities made from skins.

noah Schaffer

– Maybe steel boots that allow momentary movement or reduced damaged over Lava, but reduce soil based movement and also swimming.– metal gloves the ate forced when managing Lana in buckets, or smelting items in the furnace.– a metal helmet if riding a steed will carry out reduced damages when falling or gift knocked off.– probably make a life jacket the end of silk to aide in swimming.– vast sombrero to help reduce warm exposure in the desert.– a cowboy hat and also spurred boots will provide better control over horses– armor creates noise that will lure the attention of animals– silk clothes will permit you to sneak

-miner’s cap with built in lamp because that those dark caves and also tunnels… type of prefer a flashlight-backpack for added carrying capacity-snowshoes for much faster movement over snow-ice skates for faster movement over ice-spike shoes for hiking, this will mitigate the impacts of getting worn down as quick when climbing Hills… maybe also shows you come climb double block heights-running pair of shoes for, uh… to run faster.-bee hive suite because that future collecting love husband from bees-snorkel for lengthy swimming-fins to swim faster, dice quicker, swim further-wet suite to reduce chances the hypothermia-bbq robe and also chef hat to boost the hearth effects of food created… This is a stretch.-Wearing heavy armor while on a home will worsen the animals temperament-a ghillie suite, as soon as hunting and also moving slowly, animals are much less likely to spot girlfriend so friend can much better make a kill-a Swiss chair for pushing back down cliffs, steep hill, trees, and buildings

-Clothing make from the hides of various animals. This will add the capacity to camouflage and also this will either alleviate or boost the odds of gift attacked. Example: Lion garments will reduce the odds of hyenas and wolves indigenous from attacking, yet other lions will assault on site since they’re ar – rhinos too.– likewise different pet hide garments will have actually varying levels of damage reduction. Rhino armor being one of the toughest, hotest, and slowest. Whereas wolf armor will provide small protection indigenous damage, yet you won’t overheat and also can move faster.– Polar Bear apparel will enable for winter camouflage and protection indigenous cold.-seal clothing (adds this animal) will certainly act together a wet suit and aide in swimming-chicken apparel will permit you come have damage reduction once falling, however every animal predator will certainly hunt girlfriend down-maybe also hybrid clothes to mix properties

Can you PLZ provide me the password for the application on iOS. I have actually it on mine samsung galaxy 2 yet it’s for this reason old and slow that currently that I have a iphone 5s it’s totally useless as well as the usual check on survival craft. For this reason if you could plz provide me the the password to redeem the video game so i can proceed playing and also checking because that bugs. As well as that i would favor to say that the clothes idea is great. Make certain that clothing are able to be fancy so we deserve to make that a mission to get colors. Likewise I know your busy however you need to really add multiplayer so us don’t have to leave sighs everywhere(leaving sighs sorta ruins a world). That’s it’s honestly great game.

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Can you make whips so if friend tap ~ above the floor near trained horses then they will stay put and also graze,also wolves and coyotes strike other animals to eat and also with cows,horses,and various other herbivores castle eat grass/plants come survive,i find this would be a good aspect to having actually a farm so friend would need to have actually a garden come feed your animals/if friend cage a carnivore you would need to feed that meat.

The more armor you have on way the less stamina you have. Probably overheating faster in armor. Freeze a tiny easier in armor (cause you’ll be poignant cold metal) You have actually made everything in this video game look an excellent so don’t make the armor choose MC’s no offense yet no armor at joints knee, elbows, and also so on however just make prefer chai mail in between the armor pieces say thanks to you so much very exciting!

Suggestion: very recommended. Do armor the end of every ore (iron copper germanite diamond etc…) Bc ns gather so lot ore that’s that is crazy. Like electrical chestplate (acts as minecrafts mandrel enchantment), vine armor (or shirt adds x lot of damages to hits)

Also you re welcome take this right into consideration:Make a ore processing unit that will scented ores onlymake a masurator (which doubles lot of ore but in dust form. Climate you might use ore processing unit come cook)Crafting unit (really to add a time border to making an item)Building unit (builds building blocks like stone bricks in x lot of time)Anvil ( builds the armor because that you and also weapons in x quantity of time)Piston (highly wanted to move blocks)A camoflouge door that as soon as powered by generator will certainly blend right into its surroundingGenerator will store power yet slowly decreeses (better usage then battery)Hand pump (powers the generators by hand. And costs 2 sticks and an steel rod) the goto chargerSolar arrays dues generator (but is very expensive. Utilizing a piston and germanium blocks on top)mapsAnd a quarry the mines blocks for you and transport to a chest.Charging terminal (charges generation. Etc…)

The main idea that what I’m saying is ns want more interactive block to use.

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For more armor ideas:Grass armor (lures pets that eat grass. Yet when wearing wolf wont attack but grass eaters will)flower garments ( lures pets that eat flowers yet wont be attacked by wolves but instead that flower eaters)Wire armor (gives of power that ache aggressive pets but requires a charging station to work)Germanium armor (slightly weaker climate diamond but more durable)sulfur armor (all animals will walk away from you and will not attack)Leaf armor (allows the player come walk faster but really weak and also low durability)leather armor (warmest armor and also lasts much longer then leaf armor)Glass helmet (allows the player to swim deep underwatr)Pumpkin helmet (no crowd will strike but lowers vision)Wheat armor (lowers fall damages but very low durability really weak)Decorative armor ( just for look at no addition.)

Having blocks that perform things for you is stupid. Climate your not playing the game. Your just sitting around. The idea that camo is no to lure animals but therefore they cannot see you, so grass armor/flower armor is dumb. Wire armor provides no sense. Sheet armor provides no sense. Glass helmet would require a tank to breath air so girlfriend actually can stay under water longer. Pumpkin helmet is stupid and you just took it from minecraft and it renders no sense. Wheat armor doesnt make any kind of sense. Germanium armor doesn’t do sense. The quarry point is simply some stupid minecraft mod which is again, just having actually you sit around.

I think you are type of right around that,but what if anvils only repaired part stuff, however what if the ingredient was very hard to make like lots of iron and having to usage a hammer because that the anvil,a grass fit shouldn’t attract pets but it need to make it harder because that them to notification you,but a quarry isn’t so bad it is kind of boring yet it can be exceptionally hard to make together well