My wife and I have actually a patio swing the was gifted to us around 7 years ago, when we relocated in to our present home.

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It sits right exterior of the earlier sliding door, ~ above our increased deck.

Using it is lovely. We’re surrounded by huge trees, an army of birds chirping, and also a good amount that privacy.

The structure of the swing has actually stayed greatly solid and also rust totally free over the years. However, the cloth canopy and cushion come the totter were starting to look choose this:


Gross! nice unsightly. Algal blooms? Mold? absolutely nothing you’d desire to have actually any component of your body or apparel touching.

To make matters worse, the fabric canopy ripped come shreds this year, while ns was trying to download it after pulling it from winter storage. All of the UV rays and repeated storms had actually done a number top top it.

Dilemma time.

Replacement patio totter canopies averaged about $125 in price. And also replacement cushions were as the very least as lot as well. Also, size compatibility to be going to it is in an issue.

Meanwhile, new swings could be hand because that $250 on the low finish ($500+ ~ above the high end). For this reason I could literally acquire a 100% new swing without the compatibility headaches for about the exact same amount as a replacement canopy and cushion.

The other option was to have actually someone shot to sew together a new canopy and/or cushion cover because that me. However I was doubting the this would certainly be any cheaper in price.

Replacing the swing completely seemed favor the many reasonable option. However, you know how I battle with consumer waste and also throwing the perfectly practical ‘bones’ far wasn’t an appeal option.

Then it hit me!

Tarps have actually grommets. If I might find a tarp that was about the very same size together the canopy frame, I can zip-tie it come the frame, v the grommets, favor so:


So i took some measurements (4′ x 7′) and also hit increase Lowe’s, if doing a kitchen renovation run.

The closestly tarp size I might find was for a Homax (outstanding agency name, btw) “SofTarp“, in a 5′ x 7′ size, for just over $7. This would certainly work, due to the fact that I can fold over the extra 1 foot underneath the frame and also zip-tie it down.

Canopy trouble solved.

But ns still had the nasty-ass cushion issue. Until I unpackaged the Homax, the is. This SofTarp is usually a waterproof tarp on one next (the ground side) and a soft fabric material ~ above the other side. Ns would usage the tarp side up as a canopy and could simply purchase one more one and flip it end to make a cushion cover the end of it, which i could likewise zip-tie under to the swing frame and use together a cushion cover.

I hit up Lowe’s a second time and also purchased a second Softarp. Perfect fit! i then zip-tied that down. And the result is this (happy dog come the right included):


Super soft, comfortable, and looks great!

Canopy problem? fixed (with added durability and also waterproof functionality)

Nasty cushion problem? addressed (with included durability, waterproof, and washable functionality)

Waste problem? solved – nothing yet the torn-up old canopy finished up in a landfill.

And the total package looks way much better than it ever before did originally.

Total project time: 5 minutes.

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Total cost: $15.

Total savings: $235+

Maybe a couple of of you will actually advantage from being able come repeat this job (which would certainly be sweet), yet I want to highlight this project mostly for another reason – it shows exactly how a tiny DIY creativity and also stepping exterior of the common purchase->replace perspective can aid you conserve a ton of money. And also make girlfriend feel choose a contemporary MacGyver. And also who wouldn’t want that?