What species of sheep should you friend in bespeak to have actually a chance in gaining the pink sheep? What is the percent of acquiring it? ns looked in the reproduction section that the wiki and also it said that you could technically get the pink sheep without the usage of dyes.

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Sheep color traits space passed top top by their parents, an interpretation you will more than likely need to find a pink sheep in bespeak to each other a pink sheep, i m sorry is counter-intuitive. A opportunity of spawning a pink lamb using the sheep Egg is 0.164%

Luckily, there"s an easier way. You deserve to dye sheep various colours, and also those colours space passed on to their kids when they breed. Sheep dyed a certain colour will also keep that colour after being shorn, and having their wool regenerate!

To dye a lamb Pink, you an initial need the item

Two items reasonably easy come come by. Combine them in her inventory home windows produces 2 Pink Dye.

Use these Pink Dye items on a pair the sheep, and also breed lock normally. You"ll have actually a small flock the pink lamb in no time!

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White and also red, the course.

The chance is quite high. I once accidentally allow one white lamb in v a herd that red ones (with an automatically feeder) and before long it to be riddled through pink sheep.

Alternatively, just use pink dye on any sheep.

The factor the wiki says you can gain pink lamb without water is due to the fact that they spawn normally in the world, though really rarely. That doesn"t average there"s some secret breeding cheat to obtain one.

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Both answers listed by SevenSidedDie and Robotnik are largely correct, I"m walk to resolve the details here.

A newborn lamb will be colored depending upon the colour of the parents. The Wiki explains it fairly well:

If the parents have "compatible" wool colors (meaning the the matching dye items might be linked into a third dye color), the result lamb will certainly be a mix of their colors (e.g., blue lamb + white sheep = light blue lamb). Otherwise, the lamb will certainly be the same shade as among the parents, favored at random.

Thus, there are two ways to acquire a pink sheep: You deserve to mate a red sheep (dye one v a rose Red dye) and a white sheep (either found naturally, or by dying one white v Bone Meal, as said by Robotnik), or you have the right to pre-mix the climbed Red and Bone Meal together on a do table to do Pink Dye, and then dye a sheep with that.

Thus, if you recognize what you"re doing, the opportunity of obtaining a pink lamb is 100%. :-)

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