In this fast guide, us will administer a detailed answer to this popular, yet interesting question.

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Yes, Gatorade walk freeze, but it does so in ~ a lower temperature 보다 water. Gatorade consists mostly of sugar and also salt water, once the temperature drops come 0 °C or 32 °F, the water will certainly freeze, but the continuing to be liquid that contains an ext salt, will certainly take a reduced temperature to freeze.

Should You frozen Gatorade?

Freezing Gatorade is as basic as throwing it in the freezer (I perform this every the time).

Even though it is typical practice, is this other that must be done?

There room a couple of reasons for and against freezing Gatorade and also we will study each one below.

1. PepsiCo Does no Recommend It

While you deserve to freeze Gatorade, PepsiCo, the makers of the renowned sports drink, recommends the you should not.

On their website, PepsiCo says that “we execute not recommend freezing Gatorade. If frozen or stored below 40 degrees F., the odor emulsion may be damaged.”

They also highlight the freezing Gatorade will certainly not impact its performance, however there could be a change in the taste when thawed.

2. Could Explode

There is also a opportunity that a Gatorade bottle could burst when frozen. (This can occur when water bottles space frozen).

The renowned sports drink is largely water and when water is frozen, the expands.

While many plastic bottles have sufficient elasticity to handle the growth under frozen conditions, over there is always a possibility for the bottle to distort/burst or the truth seal come break, specifically if there is not enough space to enable for the expansion.

3. Freezes Slower than Water

Gatorade freezes slower 보다 water and you will find that leave the party in the freezer for a pair of hours, will result in the sports drink having a slushy like texture as opposed to it being frozen absent solid.

Sugar and also salt room two typical ingredients uncovered in Gatorade and these cause the sporting activities drink’s freezing suggest to be reduced than that of water.

It will at some point freeze, it will simply take a reduced temperature and also a much longer time.

4. People Love It

People certain love a nice cold Gatorade that’s to be sitting in the freezer every day.


How long Does It take to Freeze Gatorade?

When freeze this well-known drink, girlfriend really have actually 2 choices (This will likewise work if you desire to frozen Powerade and also other sporting activities drinks).

Freeze that solidFreeze the to make a slushy

Let’s look at every one below.

Freezing Solid

If you desire to fully freeze Gatorade, friend will have to let it sit in the freezer because that a couple of hours and also ensure the the temperature is lower than 0 °C or 32 °F.

Please Note: To alleviate the possibility of the Gatorade party bursting, you need to pour out few of the liquid, together this will give enough an are to permit of the expansion of ice.

Freeze to do a Gatorade Slushie

Gatorade slushies space really amazing and they are the perfect drink ~ above a warm day or ~ an extreme workout/sports activitiy.

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Making a Gatorade slushie is quite easy, as you will just place the bottle in the freezer for about 2-4 hours. Throughout that time, that should build a slushy choose texture.

Wrapping that up

Now the we’ve reached the end of this “freezing Gatorade” article, I want to hear her thoughts?

Will you be throwing your sporting activities drinks into the freezer from currently on? What Gatorade flavor tastes the best after freezing?