Few things in this life are more disappointing than receiving an awesome new hat, just to placed it on and also realize the hat is also tight. Don"t take it personally — every head is unique and also not every hat will fit every shape, regardless of an adjustable strap. In fact, the median head size for a male has actually increased through 2 centimeters to about 59 centimeters end the last few years. This way that hats that used to to the right the typical head dimension are currently snug and sometimes also too painful to wear.

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However, one undersized hat does not need to be created off as unwearable. Whether you ordered a hat digital without acquiring to try it top top or received a small hat as a gift, we"ve got some tricks up our sleeve to assist you big it. Read on if you"re searching for suggestions to salvage a cap that"s as well small.


Stretching a hat by Material

The best method to use for stretching a cap varies by the hat"s style and material. Not every stretching technique works well for every type of hat, therefore be cautious to pick the ideal one for your requirements to stop harming her hat.

Before we look at particular stretching approaches for particular hat styles, we need to take a look at which varieties of fabrics are the easiest and also most an overwhelming to stretch. Understanding just how to treatment for the product your hat is made the end of will protect against you native making an easy hat-stretching mistakes. Below are the five most typical hat products in order of least daunting to most an overwhelming to stretch:

Cotton: As a softer and an ext pliable fabric, cotton is the many flexible hat material to stretch. Cotton"s willingness come bend provides cotton hats durable and also resistant come damage.Felt: Whether made from structure or fur, feel is an additional hat cloth that"s top top the softer side. Feeling is an ext delicate 보다 cotton though, so extra treatment is essential when extending a feeling hat.Straw: The exact same interwoven top quality that renders straw hats appealing renders them extremely an overwhelming to stretch. Straw hats deserve to be stiff and fragile, so always use a irradiate touch when stretching them.Leather: leather is even stiffer 보다 straw and often shrinks earlier to its original size after being stretched. Stretching a animal leather hat needs patience and attention come detail.Polyester: as result of its synthetic nature, polyester doesn"t generally adjust in size. This way there might not be much you have the right to do to stretch her polyester hat — however it additionally won"t shrink much or ever before need stretching as long as it originally fit.

Stretching a cap by Style

Now that you know how to treat assorted hat materials, us can failure hat extending by what format of cap you"re trying to stretch. We"ll walk over the best approaches for different varieties of hats, yet keep in mental the most essential factor once deciding exactly how to fix a hat the is too small should always be the product the hat"s make from.

Follow this overview to learn exactly how to break in a cap according come its style.

Knit Hats

If you have actually a beanie that"s a little snug, you"re in luck since knitted hats are commonly the simplest to stretch. Usage water to relax the hat"s fabric naturally and also get it ready to it is in stretched. Utilizing water to loosen a hat"s material is the main technique for any kind of hat. It"s necessary to be cautious not to go overboard and also douse hats that have dyes that deserve to run.

Any cap made from cotton or similar natural material deserve to be stretched by an initial soaking or spraying the cap in heat water, then easy pulling ~ above the cloth to stretch it. While extending the beanie"s stitching, work your means around the cap in a circular activity so the hat ends up evenly stretched. Make certain you begin by tugging ~ above the material very gently so friend don"t overstretch her hat.

Baseball Hats

Of course, the very first step in stretching out a equipment baseball hat is come wear it. Numerous times, a baseball hat will stretch out as it gets broken in, however that is not always the case.

If your baseball hat doesn"t loosen up over time, the next step is to try hot water. Either soak her baseball hat in warm water or put it ~ above to take a hot shower, and also then proceed to stay it till it dries and also molds to the shape of her head. The only downside to this technique is the it won"t work if your baseball cap is made from polyester.

If you"re wondering just how to break in a snapback hat, the exact same rules apply. Sometimes even the loosest snap top top a snapback hat isn"t a large enough circumference. In that case, using hot water or put on the hat for an extended duration of time can be required to stretch that out. If a snapback cap or baseball cap is still not big enough after ~ trying this methods, you can want to look into getting some that the hat extending tools debated later.



Stretching a fedora is a little more challenging because most fedoras room made from wool or hair felt, which space tougher products to stretch there is no harming the hat. You deserve to still try to use water to manipulate and stretch the end the material, you just need to be much more careful. Lightly spritz the hat with lukewarm water come dampen the just sufficient to make the fabric an ext manageable. Then usage a punch dryer to dried the hat right into a form that will certainly fit your head.

If her fedora still isn"t installation right, you might want to examine the sweatband. A shrunken sweatband can be the factor your hat has been feeling tighter lately. In this case, you"ll most most likely want come buy a brand-new hat. Replacing a hatband is a tedious and time-consuming process, and also it usually just gets you around a quarter of a cap size increase anyway.

Another cap stretching option for feel fedora owner is the steam method, i beg your pardon we"ll talk more about in the following section.

Cowboy Hats

Those wondering exactly how to stretch a cowboy hat have a bigger difficulty on their hands because cowboy hats space usually made the end of less-flexible products like straw or leather. The tightness and rigidity that these materials make extending them a an ext delicate matter, therefore it"s said that friend don"t shot to stretch a straw hat manually. Instead, take her cowboy hat to a skilled hatter to stretch the out and increase the hat by a complete size there is no contorting that is shape.

Although a professional is preferred, that is feasible to big a cowboy hat on your own at home. If girlfriend can"t take her hat to a cap expert and need come know exactly how to stretch a leather cap yourself, think about using the steam method. Check out the next section to find out why the steam technique is the ideal DIY means to big a cap that needs some extra TLC.

The heavy steam Method

The steam an approach is a low-risk method of loosening a hat"s organic fibers and forming castle to her head"s shape. Also for stiffer substances prefer leather, straw or felt, the steam technique gently coaxes the material to ease up and become much more malleable. This method doesn"t take any kind of special devices or lot expertise — girlfriend only require two items!

Here are all the supplies and steps you should attempt the vapor method:

Tea kettle: Start by cook water in a tea kettle or little pot. Then hold the cap over the steam, alternating one minute on, 30 secs off because that at least four rounds. This step will relax the towel of your hat.Blow dryer: Next, revolve a blow dryer to the highest setup and blow-dry the inside of the hat till it"s simply mildly damp. After gaining the hat largely dry, wear it till it waiting dries totally to the precise size of her head.


Hat stretching Tools

A tight hat have the right to be uncomfortable and also cause creases in her hair. But with the best tools, you can make any kind of hat feel together if it were tailor-made. The an excellent news is that hat extending tools are usually inexpensive, and you may even have several of the more common persons lying approximately the residence already.

Here are few of the an easy tools to have actually in your hat-stretching arsenal:

1. Spray Bottle

A spray bottle can be extremely helpful in stretching a cap that"s made from a more fragile fabric. By using a spray bottle, girlfriend can manage which parts of the hat acquire wet and also how lot water a hat absorbs — which may aid prevent any type of colors from bleeding together well. This have the right to be specifically important once you desire to avoid spraying the cardboard bill of a vintage baseball cap.

Along v a spray bottle, friend will additionally need a blow dryer, i m sorry is vital tool because that both the spray bottle and vapor methods.

2. Sewing Scissors

When all other methods have actually failed to readjust the size of a baseball hat, scissors may come in handy. Small, strategic cut along the sweatband of a baseball hat can do the trick in loosening the hat enough to fit her head. Be certain to make the cuts near the back of the hat and also make them brief enough the they don"t slice into the cap itself.

3. Soccer Ball

If you"ve obtained a youth-sized soccer ball, then you currently have a key hat stretching tool. Merely stretch the hat to fit about the football ball and also leave the overnight to preserve that size. If the hat shrinks ago after you eliminate it from the ball, repeat the process as plenty of times as required until you acquire the hat dimension gains you"re spring for.

The soccer ball stretching method is convenient since it"s easy and doesn"t require any kind of water or a dry process, yet it won"t get as large of a big as other methods. If you desire a comprehensive increase in cap size, try the spray bottle an approach or steam an approach first.

4. Cap Jack

The hat Jack cap stretcher is the can be fried hat stretching weapon. Together a bonus, the cap Jack is also able to shrink her hat as quickly as stretch it. Therefore if friend or anyone in her life has an ill-fitting hat, the hat Jack is your one-stop hat gadget.

Follow this process to usage a cap Jack:

Position the cap Jack in the within of your hat"s brim, then cook water to generate steam. Once the water is boiling, alleviate the heat.Hold your hat over the steam as you crank the hat Jack to broaden the hat to the desired size. Before removing the hat Jack, let her hat air dried for in between 20 or 30 minutes.

If the cap shrinks back after drying, you can repeat the cap Jack procedure until your hat maintains its desired size. If your hat doesn"t fit appropriate after utilizing a cap Jack, then it"s most likely not going come stretch as much as you need.

2XL and 3XL Hats

If your head is ~ above the larger side, it have the right to be tough to uncover hats the fit. Extending hats can be time-consuming and doesn"t constantly get the results you want. Skip the process by purchase a 2XL or 3XL cap that"s already huge enough come fit her noggin. Most companies don"t sell hats sized over an extra-large, but Hats limitless offers a wide selection of 2XL and also 3XL hats. From fitted baseball hats come fedoras, Hats endless has both 2XL and 3XL hats in draft that will certainly complement any kind of outfit and fit right, no tight.

Adorned v the right-sized hat, your above average head deserve to be your ideal feature. Therefore let your headwear rotate heads v a stylish and also comfortable 2XL or 3XL hat from Hats Unlimited.


Order a hat Stretcher or Shop XL Hats at Hats Unlimited

Hats endless is residence to lot of of high-quality, large-sized hats, yet if you"re looking come stretch an old hat quite than purchase a brand-new one we"ve got you covered. Examine out the cap Jack hat stretcher to discover the many versatile cap sizing tool you might ever need. We sell the cap Jack in 3 sizes — small, tool and huge — so also child-sized hats can be stretched.

Next time you"re in need of a new hat, pick from our extensive 2XL or 3XL hat an option to conserve you stretching time. Us offer height brand name hats in 2XL and also 3XL sizes so you don"t need to sacrifice fashion because that comfort. Ditch the "hat hair" and also headaches resulted in by as well tight hatbands once you order the perfect 2XL or 3XL hat for any occasion.

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If you"re not certain what size hat would be appropriate for your head or how to properly stretch her hat, call Hats limitless with all her hat-related inquiries today.