Bra equipments don’t favor that about me. If their shoulder straps are quick enough, then they don’t do my cup size. And if they make my cup size, then your shoulder straps are waaaaaay also long.

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If there’s anything non-standard about you, then you know that it have the right to be ridiculous trying to find off-the-rack garments that fits you just right. That’s why ns LOVE refashioning clothing!

Even though bras, in particular, are the product of significant engineering, there room still part easy means to change them because that a far better fit. And also one of lock is simply perfect for every you busty tiny shorties favor me!

So if her cup size is right but your shoulder straps space too long, this is the fix:

This is the strap end that you’ll detach and also then sew back on.

1. Uncover the place where the strap is sewn come itself. A bra strap is no a Mobius strip–it’s obtained some ar where the finish is tacked ago down, probably approximately the ring at the top of the cup. Discover this place.

2. Figure out just how much you desire to shorten her strap. My straps were on the tightest setup and still way too long, therefore I want to tighten mine a LOT–basically to fifty percent their present length. Yet much you want to shorten your straps, remember that there will be some wiggle room, due to the fact that you’ll still be able to adjust your straps after ~ they’re shortened.

Mark the place where you desire the strap come end. Perform it in chalk, and also it’ll wash ideal out.

To shorten the straps, you’ll be sewing the strap earlier to itself more down–basically make that small loop around the ring a many bigger–so usage chalk to note the spot whereby you want to reattach the strap end. Note the same spot top top the various other strap.

Be cautious with that seam ripper, so girlfriend don’t damage your strap.

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3. Take it it apart. Use your seam ripper

to very closely undo the stitching that holds the strap end to itself, and pull the end all the loosened threads–they’d it is in itchy!

4. Darn it back down. Hand-sew the strap finish to its brand-new spot, taking care to execute so very sturdily! my hand-stitching is at sight messy and ugly, but I don’t care, because it does the job.

5. Repeat. Do the specific same thing to the various other strap, and also they’ll be nice and even…