The early days of a relationship – when you begin to fall deeper in love with someone – can be very exciting.

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But they can also be riddled with doubt.

Perhaps you"re currently wondering whether this seemingly perfect Pisces loves you back?

If so, I"ve got the perfect guide for you.

Below, we explore the signs that Pisces men most typically give away when they"re falling in love with a woman.

But, before we begin, I want to tell you a little-known fact about male psychology that will make it easier for this guy to start experiencing stronger feelings towards you.

It"s based on a primal trigger in a man"s brain called the ‘Hero"s Instinct".

I"ve been reading with great curiosity about how this part of man"s brain works – because it plays a key role in who he feels attracted to.

If you can learn how to manipulate this line of thinking within a man, it"s common he"ll begin to feel irresistible urges to be around you all the time.

I know because I learned this skill and tried it out myself! This helped me attract and tie down the type of man I could previously only dream of being in a relationship with (read my personal story to learn more).

This skill is all about luring out the emotions that men deeply want to feel in a loving relationship. Once you can do that, he"s as good as yours.

My account of discovering ‘The Hero"s Instinct" explains exactly how it works, but there"s every chance that this Pisces man could already be in love with you. 

So, let"s read on to discover the signs that"s the case.


1 Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

1. He tells you how he feels.


If the Pisces man in your life is comfortable around you, this is one of the sure signs that he may be falling in love with you. If he feels like he can be totally himself around you, and there are no awkward silences in your relationship, he is likely in love with you. A deeply emotional, romantic relationship is truly important for a Pisces man.

A Pisces man believes in soulmates and is looking for someone that he can spend the rest of his life with. They desire nothing more than to fall truly and deeply in love with someone. As soon as they have found that person, he will relax and act himself. Because of his sensitive, somewhat introverted nature, a Pisces man will show his true self in love.

If he feels truly comfortable around you this is a sign that he feels really strongly about you. If he feels looked after and comfortable, he will do everything he can to make you feel the same way when you are with him.

A Pisces man doesn’t just open up to anyone. So if he opens up to someone and tells them his secrets, then he sees that person as someone special. It may be hard to figure him out at first because of his mysterious, somewhat secretive nature, but once he is open with you he will tell you everything, from his deepest desires to his darkest fears.

If a Pisces guy tells you about his dreams in life, you are someone special to him. He may tell you about his hopes and dreams. Pisces guys are dreams and their loved ones often become part of their own fantasies.

If he opens up to you this is a genuine sign that he likes you. If he is able to talk about his own fears and issues with you, he has found trust and an emotional connection with you. He doesn’t act in this way with just anyone. He is very sensitive and scared of rejection, so he will only talk to you if he really trusts you.

If he is truly comfortable with you he will show you his flaws and vulnerabilities. He will share his deepest fears and pain. He will only open up in this way to someone he really loves and trusts. He wants to know that he can really depend on you. This emotional connection is really important to a Pisces in love.

If he trusts you completely, he will confide in you about everything to do with his life. This is a sign that he wants a relationship for the two of you. He will feel betrayed if you let down his trust, so always be careful to never pass on his secrets.

If he is completely comfortable and open with you, this is a sure sign that this man loves you.

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A Pisces man loves to be in love. Figuring out if a Pisces man loves you can be difficult, but he will truly look after the person he falls in love with.