When who talks about Self Defense and also all the various elements of it, one point is certain certain…

… one unconscious male CAN’T pains you, right?

That means if you can not escape an attacker, the MOST efficient self defense is come literally knock castle out, as quickly as possible.

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Now, over there are many ways to K.O. Someone, but right now I’m walking to provide you my personal favorites from mine pressure allude knockout system.

Don’t worry, i don’t execute gobbly-gook and also esoteric-speak.

I do it as straightforward to know as a absent in the balls…

The scientific research Of Knocking who Out v One Punch!


In my Pressure point System this “secret spot” is referred to as GB20 (which means “Gall Bladder 20”)

The suggest is in a straight line between the bottom of the ear and the spine, halfway… same on both sides… simply under the ring of the bone.

You can even reach around and feel the on the earlier of your very own head.

Here is what the “science” tells us this have the right to do with a strike to this point:

Light to win = K.O.

Hard to win = potential DEATH!

That’s why this area is prohibition in MMA and also ALL contact Sports!


In a self-defense situation, one can slap this area, punch, elbow, or Hammer-fist. The an option is yours, just hit it and watch ’em drop prefer a stone.

But Here’s exactly how To really Nail An immediate Knockout…

In the 2 diagrams above, you’ll check out an easy-to-learn method to analyze the body dubbed the Quadrant theory.

The an initial diagram reflects the ar of GB20 in Quadrant 8.

For the really best result, her strike come GB20 must be in the direction that Quadrant One.


Any direction will work-related to acquire the K.O., however if you room punching “up and also through” the target it’s a hell that a lot easier!

And in a self-defense situation, brutal simplicity and also speed are always best.

If you’d prefer to find for you yourself a literal meaning encyclopedia of Violent Knowledge, and also how come actually damage a bigger, more powerful attacker nevertheless of her age, fitness, or experience level, check out my Train self Defense special sell now.

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It takes whatever I just showed you and also takes it to a whole brand-new level… and also shows girlfriend how basic it have the right to be to defend yourself from even the most violent predators.