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so i installed my greddy turbo timer in mine sunfire coupe. And also i cannot get the timer on that to job-related correctly and keep the auto running for the pre identified amout that time... Umm and i cant find a wiring diagram all over on the net... There is three wires coming the end of the vital switch, i currently have the vss cable hooked up and also the speedo in the turbo timer is already calabrated**. So usually im wonder if anyone to know what the wires are ? prefer i claimed i cant uncover a diagram anywhere. Simply want come make certain i have this point hooked up correctly. *maybe ns dont have the settings ideal on it* haha.. I additionally have the emergency brake cable hooked up. Any aid is appricated, thanks--sean

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The complying with information was found on the12volt.com1997 Pontiac Sunfire Security details Constant 12V+ Red Ignition switch Harness Starter Yellow Ignition move Harness Ignition Pink Ignition switch Harness Ignition 2 White should Use for Remote start Ignition 3 Brown Ignition switch Harness Accessory Orange Ignition move Harness (Heat/AC) Tach White Coil Brake Switch White Brake switch Trunk Release Black/White (+) Keyless Module in trunk Trunk Pin black color (+) trunk LID switch Parking Lights Brown (+) Driver"s kick Panel main Harness Head Lamp Blue (low) Pink (High) Head irradiate Switch Door Trigger Light eco-friendly (-) together Driver"s Kick, irradiate Blue (-) R Passenger"s kick Isolate Door Lock light Blue Driver"s Kick reverse Polarity w/o Keyless Door Unlock White Positive trigger w/Keyless entry Horn Wire black (-) Steering pillar Windows Up LF=Dark Blue, RF=Light Blue, LR=Dark Green, RR=Light eco-friendly Windows Down LF=Brown, RF=Tan, LR=Purple, RR=Purple Also, you have the right to take a look at bulldog security.They display you some pictures of where the bulk of the wires are located.