I really want to obtain my tongue pierced but i’d should hide the from my parents. Ns have had actually my septum and also nipples pierced for years now and they don’t know around those yet i’m wonder if the tongue piercing would certainly be as simple to hide as those are. Execute you think I might realistically hide something choose that?


Unfortunately a tongue piercing isn’t straightforward to hide. You’re going to talk weird in the beginning and also whenever you perform talk the bar will be visible.

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Once it’s cure a tongue piercing doesn’t have to be that noticeable. However the first week you’ll be taking care of swelling, your speech will certainly be effected, you can’t eat the means you usually do and there deserve to be drooling. If girlfriend live at home it’s an extremely unlikely that they won’t notification a thing.

Personally I know I can never hide a tongue piercing from mine mom because she notices everything. I don't know how much you interact with her parents, though. Choose if friend laugh yes, really hard and also your mouth is open up they can see the lol. Or if you're all eating dinner together and you open your mouth to eat and also they notification it. These are simply dumb scenarios ns think of when hiding a tongue piercing. Also, I'm presume you desire a regular tongue piercing and not the underneath one?

yes just the constant tongue piercing. I execute live at residence with my parents yet we don’t communicate that lot which is why ns think ns may have a chance. Us don’t eat dinner with each other often but I can certainly imagine eating with them one day, and hearing my mother go all of sudden “What’s that shiny point in ur mouth” hahaha

I acquired my tongue piercing once I to be 18 without telling my parents and they didn't even notification I had actually it until around 1/2 year later when i told them. Didn't perform it top top purpose, yet the piercer must have pierced that in a method that you nearly never see it as soon as I'm talking. Ns think mine is pretty much in the former of mine tongue, so maybe you can ask her piercer come pierce it in a similar way. Ns really favor it that means since you can only see it as soon as I'm laughing or having actually my mouth large open and not every the time. But additionally the healing process is various on anyone, ns didn't really have actually a lisp, yet some human being do and maybe it will be remarkable then.

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When mine friend gained her tongue pierced it really fucked up exactly how she speak for choose a week. It sounded prefer she had actually a significant lisp or a retainer in or something for this reason they'll definitely notification that

There are some transparent tongue retainers, i think. Im just not sure if you can use them right away because that fresh piercings

Unless the retainer is glass the is unsuitable because that a healing piercing and only suitable for a healed one because that a short amount of time.