Walkthrough Post-Game legendary Pokémon Appendices

How to record Kyurem

To record Kyurem, you first need to end up the main game. Then you have to reachLacunosa Town, which you can reach by going eastern from Opelucid City.

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Once in Lacunosa Town, put a pokémon in her party the knows Surf, and also a pokémon the knows Strength.

Take the east exit the Lacunosa to reach path 13. Go south and also then west come finda set of stairs top down. Go eastern from here, under a bridge, then Surf north tofind some stairs. Walk up the stairs. Come the left over there is a rock that you can pushwith Strength, so do that. Then go north. Monitor the course to enter the caveentrance.


Giant Chasm

If you desire to collect some items, walk left from the cavern entrance. Otherwise, walk rightfrom the cavern entrance and also use toughness to press the boulder. Then go left and downthe stair to reach the exit.

Crater Forest

To make Kyurem appear, go under the stairs, then northwest, and also drop down the ledge.Then walk north and also along the north wall, however skip the an initial ledge the you reach, and also continue eastern to find another ledge. Drop under it. Friend will view some stairs, yet youcan"t with them ideal now, so just disregard them.

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Go southeast and also drop down another ledge. Walk south and then west. You will passby TM03 Psyshock. Don"t drop under the ledge the is southwest of the Psyshock or youwill need to start end from the start of the area. Instead, head northwest and also drop down a ledge.

From there, go appropriate (through a bunch of high grass) and down. Friend will discover a tiny pond. Walk up to it and you will certainly hear a pokémon soundand the willstart to snow. ~ that, the entirety area is covered in snow. Go northeast to discover some stairs.

Kyurem"s Cave

Kyurem is to the north. Be certain to conserve your game before trying to record it, becauseif friend KO it and then conserve the game, friend won"t be able to encounter that again.

It"s in ~ level 75 when you encounter it.Its assaults are Glaciate, Dragon Pulse, and also Endeavor,and it likewise knows Imprison.

The ideal pokéballs to use on it are Dusk Balls. If 30 turns pass, friend canuse Timer Balls for a slightly higher probability of capturing it.

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After you capture or KO Kyurem, the snow in the Crater forest area will melt and youcan access any items that you didn"t choose up before.